Top 10 Best Places for First Dates

Top 10 Best Places for First Dates

How can you get acquainted today? Everything is very simple. If you send a funny emoji, this is already a reason to get acquainted. Earlier, when there was no Internet, people simply met and walked for a very long time to somehow get to know each other.

We have chosen 10 of the most unusual places where you can make a date with Russian women for marriage and have a wonderful time with each other.

Museum or Exhibition

This type of date allows you to communicate a lot in a calm and comfortable environment. You won’t spend a lot of money, and the date promises to be unforgettable.

Top 10 Best Places for First Dates

Hot Air Balloon Flight

It is an unusual gift. Not every girl will accept it, as some girls are very afraid of heights. Therefore, this point must be clarified immediately. If she is not afraid of heights, then go ahead: a romantic dinner, a gift, and a balloon flight.

Country Trip

Try to organize a trip out of town. Catch the train together and go wherever she wants. Visit fascinating sights of the area or authentic and unusual places. Ride the tourist bus, rent bicycles, catamaran, or boat. It will be fun and pretty cute.


Girls love cultural places where you feel like a part of something big and beautiful. They love to dress nicely to attend places like this.


There is always a special atmosphere near the water. This is one of the best places to date a girl. You can throw stones in the water, feed the ducks, admire the beautiful view, eat the stored supplies, sit on the blanket, drink wine, cuddle and enjoy the sunset.

Concert or Festival

Make your girlfriend a pleasant surprise. Find out what her favourite band is and purchase concert tickets. And imagine what will be the reaction of your beloved one to the fact that you got tickets for the best seats in the hall.

Tea Ceremony

Tea Ceremony

If you want home comfort, then spend your date over a cup of tea. Throughout the day, the bustle sucks down, and you want to relax and spend this time together. Take a cup of tea in your hand and look your soulmate in the eyes. Tell them how much you appreciate them. All this can increase trust in each other and feel the warmth.


Have you ever felt like some kind of important person? If not, then it is high time to try it. Book a ride, for example, in the city at night. Just imagine: the only two of you are driving in the back seat of a limousine. Various drinks and snacks are available to you. This, of course, will cheer you up, and you will be satisfied.

Date in a Car

You can go to the car cinema or get out somewhere in an astonishing place. What could be better than sitting in the car, sipping a cocktail, and gazing at the stars?


Find any place that has a great top view. You can sit on a rooftop, a hill, or any other high place. When you look down, gaze at the stars or watch the sunset, there is always something to talk about. This will be the best place for a romantic date.

The best places to date are where you can communicate and have fun. Girls always value listening skills, a sense of humour, and the confidence of a companion. What kind of dating places do you prefer?

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