Ten Animals That Did End Up Going to Spec Savers!

Welcome to a clear-sighted exploration into the fascinating world of eyewear! Whether you sport them for style or necessity, glasses are an integral part of many people’s lives. But beyond improving vision, glasses have a rich history and are surrounded by an array of intriguing facts that might just surprise you. In this article, we’ll dive into “Ten Spectacular Facts About Glasses” that will give you a new perspective on this common yet extraordinary accessory. From their ancient origins to futuristic technology, prepare to have your eyes opened to the hidden wonders behind those frames perched on your nose, as well as enjoy some pictures of animals wearing glasses to accompany them…

Rabbit Wearing Glasses

10 – “Classical? If was going to listen to music, it would be hip-hop!”

FACT: They might well be commonly called “Glasses”, but 91% of all spectacle lenses sold today are actually made of plastic! Spectacular!

Dog Wearing Glasses

9 – “The other day I went to my opticians and asked if he thought I need new glasses”, He said: “You certainly do, this is the barbershop!!!”

FACT: While cucumber is good for placing on the eyes for a while, it is not half as good as dark leafy vegetables like cabbage, spinach, and lettuce!

Seal Wearing Glasses

8 – “I only swim in salt water because pepper water makes me sneeze!!!

FACT: While you can’t rub suntan lotion into your eyes, UV radiation can damage the eyes on the cloudiest of days! So even if you don’t have any eyesight problems make sure you protect your eyes from it.

Pig Wearing Glasses

7 – “Someone stole these glasses once, but I squealed to the police and got them back!”

FACT: Some people wear polarised lenses, but this makes all LCD screens next to imposable to see, in fact, they would be better off taking the glasses off!

Guineapig Wearing Glasses

6 – “Sorry I stopped you but were you aware of how fast you were going?!?”

FACT: These days they are quite common, but multi-focal lenses were not invented until 1958.

Parrot Wearing Glasses

5 – “Is ‘Polynesia’ memory loss for parrots? Because I didn’t know I even wore glasses!”

FACT: Some of the very early classes used softer materials for the arms, like cloth, silk, and even wool!

Horse Wearing Glasses

4 – “It is not that I have a negative attitude, it is just that all I can say is Neigh!”

FACT: It wasn’t until the 1400’s that the very first eyeglasses were used for aiding distance-vision, before then they were all to help reading and close-up activities.

Hamster Wearing Glasses

3 – “I got these all the way from Hamsterdam!”

FACT: Did cavemen wear glasses?!? Well, it seems some stones made of glass were used to magnify the cave paintings, but other people believe it that the stones were just used for light reflection.

Turtle Wearing Glasses

2 – “I got new shades, so let’s shellebrate!”

FACT: Reading glasses were invented around the year 1260, this was over a thousand years after the first printed books appeared!

Persian cat Wearing Glasses

1 – “Take these off me now or you are not going to need yours ever again!!!”

FACT: Seafaring Sailors wore golden earrings because they believed it would improve their vision! They really should have gone to Specsavers.

Author: Gus Barge

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