Ten of The Most Extreme Aquariums in the World

There are some wild and crazy aquariums out there to see and some are more unusual than others. These ten you are about to see are definitely unusual, but they are also extreme in terms of size and location. If you have plans to buy an aquarium online, or just start a small one these will give you the inspiration you need. While you can’t visit some of these anymore they were once extreme aquariums that are well worth seeing…

Takashi Amano, Aquascaping

10. Takashi Amano, Aquascaping

Takashi Amano, photographer, author, and founder of Aqua Design Amano, died of pneumonia on Tuesday, August 4 in Niigata Japan. He was 61 years of age. Amano was universally recognised as the father of modern aquascaping, redefining the parameters and expectations of aquarium care and aesthetics. His loss has left a hobby and industry stunned.

The Labyrinth Aquarium

9. The Labyrinth Aquarium

I’ve always felt bad for fish. Not just in that they’re fish, but that all those in captivity just spend all day swimming in circles. There’s a freaking whale shark in there, used to cruising the ocean; now, even in the second-biggest aqua-enclosure in the world, it’s essentially doing laps. If only they had made a gigantic labyrinth aquarium like this one, the whale shark and its weird-looking friends might actually have somewhere to go.

Jellyfish Aquarium

8. Jellyfish Aquarium

Jellyfish are the latest fashion in ornamental fish tanks. Their mesmerizing forms and soothing movements make them a living work of art. With the right setup, you can have exotic jellyfish anywhere in your home, even on your desk! It does require a lot more thought, however, than just setting up a standard aquarium, since jellyfish are such delicate organisms. This article will walk you through the procedure of establishing a jellyfish tank.

Car Aquarium

7. Car Aquarium

At the Siam Ocean World in the Siam Paragon shopping center in Bangkok, there is a fabulous car there that cannot be driven. Why? Because it is filled to the top with water! Dozens of fish call this extremely modified vehicle their home. And just so you know, the doors to this car are welded shut just in case any mischievous person thinks it funny to release that much water and fish onto the mall floor.

Zero Edge Aquarium

6. Zero Edge Aquarium

ZeroEdge Aquarium designs and manufactures acrylic tanks and acrylic water features showcasing museum grade seams and the patented ZeroEdge design. One of the core values of ZeroEdge Aquarium is a commitment to innovation and excellence. This commitment applies to everything we design and manufacture including custom aquariums, water features, sumps, aquarium stands and cabinetry.


5. Spacearium

Spacearium is large enough to recreate or redefine any area in your home. You can even use it as a room divider. In fact, wherever you put it, this remarkable hanging aquarium is a guaranteed “live” attraction.

World’s Smallest Aquarium

4. World’s Smallest Aquarium

This is the world’s smallest working aquarium which holds just two tea spoons of water. The miniature wonder, which is made of glass and measures just 30mm wide by 24mm high and 14mm deep, can be held in the palm of your hand. And it is so small there is only room for these tiny zebra fish.

AquaDom-world’s largest cylindrical aquarium

3.AquaDom-world’s largest cylindrical aquarium

Placed at the lobby of the Radisson SAS Hotel in Berlin, the 25 meters high AquaDom is the largest cylindrical aquarium ever built. Filled with about 900,000 liters of seawater, it contains some 2600 fish of 56 species. Sadly in 2022 it burst causing crash so loud people thought it was an earthquake!

The Reverse Aquarium – Poseidon Resort in Fiji

2. The Reverse Aquarium – Poseidon Resort in Fiji

The rooms for this hotel will be located completely underwater. Essentially, by staying here, you’ll be in the aquarium.

L’Oceanogràfic, in Valencia, Spain

1. L’Oceanogràfic, in Valencia, Spain

L’Oceanogràfic is an oceanarium situated in the east of the city of Valencia, Spain, where different marine habitats are represented. It was designed by the architect Félix Candela and the structural engineers Alberto Domingo and Carlos Lázaro.

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