Ten Surprisingly Exciting Pets You Can Own

Raising animals is unarguably one of the best remedies for boosting mental health. They give us a sense of companionship and push us to get out of bed because we know that a breathing soul needs us.

People usually own cats and dogs because they are the most common pets that we have been growing up around. However, have you considered to think out of the box and discover the other kinds of animals that you can have at home? Since it may be more challenging because of the lack of experience, we are going to introduce to you four types that are not hard to handle.


Did you know you can have a Capybara as a pet?


Rodents have been kept as pets since forever, owing to their compassion and empathy. One of the uncommon kinds is the South African capybara which is related to guinea pigs and considered the largest rodent in the world. They cannot be fully domesticated unless you get a very young one to establish a relationship and guarantee its loyalty. To be able to raise them right, you must have an outdoor space where they can run around and let out their energy. It would be great if you have a water feature as well since they are semi-aquatic creatures that love to swim. A capybara’s diet is simple and cheap as it likes to eat grass and drink lots of water.

On a side note, avoid raising this pet if you have young children because they can be hostile to unexpected moves. Some states won’t allow you to have one because it is an exotic pet, this is why it’s better to check the laws of the city before attempting to adopt or buy one.

Did you know you can have a Glider as a pet?


A glider is a peculiar pet with a cool name that gained its popularity owing to its great communication skills. It is related to the possum family but got its name from its ability to glide from one tree to another with the help of a special membrane that connects between their front leg and hind leg. Handling them when they’re young is preferable to establish a connection that can help you both in the future. On the other hand, they are nocturnal animals so you will have to change your schedule to bond well with a glider.

If you want to raise a glider, you will need a backyard with tall trees to mimic the wildlife they need since they love to climb and jump from one branch to another. When it comes to the food they eat, you can supply them with eggs, nuts, vegetables, and cooked meat.

Did you know you can have Saltwater Aquarium Fish as a pet?

Saltwater Aquarium Fish

It’s undebatable that having an aquarium at home will give a colourful and happy vibe to the room. It is quite interesting to watch the fish roam around and grow day by day. If you want to keep exotic kinds, Saltwater Aquariums are the best mediums for different fish to thrive. Moreover, the tank should be big and deep to give enough room for the fish to swim without making them feel that they are trapped in a small space. Fortunately, most of the types that are suitable for beginners will require almost the same diet so you won’t have to confuse yourself with various meals.

If you are a beginner, one of the most beautiful species is the dottyback, which is easy to take care of. All they need are plenty of hiding spots to overcome their territorial nature. Another gorgeous fish is the firefish which gives the aquarium a colourful touch owing to their orange tails. They are friendly and can get along well with any other kind of fish in the tank.

Did you know you can have a HedgeHog as a pet?


Some people have kids and still want to get an unusual pet that won’t harm their little ones. Well, a hedgehog is the best candidate because it is delicate, gentle, and friendly. It is very small in size and can live anywhere in the household. However, you need to make sure that you have a cage with a spinning wheel so the hedgehog can exercise on it whenever it desires.

A hedgehog requires plenty of sleep, so the bonding time is limited to the hours when it wakes up to eat and play a little. On an important note, you have to make sure that there is an available vet around you to check its weight weekly especially when it is young.

Did you know you can have a Serval Cat as a pet?

Serval Cat

There are a few exotic cat breeds you can own as a pet, but I think the Serval Cat is one of the better ones mostly thanks to its long life span. While they are known to be rather troublesome to other animals in the house raised on their own they can be just as loving and playful as a normal house cat…only a LOT more interesting.

Did you know you can have a Kinkajou as a pet?


I’m not going to lie, I have never heard of a ‘Kinkajou’ before doing my research for this article and yet I have discovered that this small monkey-like creature can be a well-behaved pet that can live 25-30 years old with care and the right diet. But I did also discover they can be a little mischievous.

Did you know you can have a Skunk as a pet?


I am lucky enough to live near someone who keeps skunks as pets and I can tell you this, they are a loving loyal creature that she even lets out into the back garden that doesn’t have a fence! They come back every time and boy can they be loving, to the point that they will often cuddle into you for affection! And no, they don’t smell at all, in fact, she grooms them a lot because they enjoy it so they smell lovely!

Did you know you can have a Giant African Land Snail as a pet?

Giant African Land Snail

This was my first exotic pet and still one of my favourite to own. Snails are boring, slimy creatures right? Well, yes, they can be a little slimy but they can also be a lot of fun and surprisingly loving to the point that they will sleep quite happily in your hand. Take my word for it, they really are a great pet (especially once you start to give them a little drop of beer in the evenings), but they do require a lot of maintenance when it comes to tank cleaning.

Did you know you can have a Madagascar Hissing Cockroach as a pet?

Madagascar Hissing Cockroach

Bugs are not for everyone, but they are often overlooked for a fun, interesting pet to have. They are certainly exotic and sure they don’t live for very long, but with careful planning and maintenance, you can have an ever-growing hive of them in a single tank that can last for as long as you like. Even a single Hissing Cockroach can be a fun pet, but on their own, they don’t tend to last very long.

Did you know you can have a Fennec Fox as a pet?

Fennec Fox

The last one on this list might well be the cutest. It looks like a fox, but it is as big as a cat, but it also behaves like a dog! Its that perfect little mix of everything that people love about this animal, especially its playful personality. One look at those ears is enough to melt anyone heart!

Even though raising exotic and peculiar pets may be hard, it is quite rewarding in the end. You will gain a sense of accomplishment because you are succeeding at raising a high-maintenance animal and befriending it. Once you gain its loyalty and friendship, you will have a friend for life. However, if you like to keep your distance and have a vibrant lively tank at home, saltwater fish are a great addition to your living space.

Author: Gus Barge

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