Ten Pictures of Cats That Will Regret What They Do

Cats are so big-headed! Over my years I owned 2 cats, one a Maine Coon, and the other a Russian Blue and both thought that the ruled the roost. But this is not a breed issue, it is cats are just rude issue and think they are invincible with their 9 lives. Well, they might have 9 lives, but no matter what way you look at these images the 10 cats you are about to see will definitely regret what they do in the next few seconds…


Top 10 Images of Cats That will Regret What They Do
Cat about to be bitten by a horse

10 – Horse fly

It is more the look on the horses face that spells the trouble in this photo. Evil eyes I tell ya! It just seems that no matter what this poor cat does in the next 5 seconds, it will regret doing it anyway. Unless the horse is friendlier than it looks.

Cat about to be fired from a bow

9 – Grip and Go

What happens next in my cartoon influenced mind is that the cat flys off behind the bow into the target, or the cat’s teeth end up hanging off an arrow in the target. But the truth is that none of that might happen, but at the very least the cat might get a short, sharp shock.

Cat about to be scared of toaster

8 – Pop-up and Go

It doesn’t matter what way you look at this image the cat will soon be regretting something. It might regret putting its paw into the toaster and getting burnt (which I hope doesn’t happen) or it might just sit there until the bread pops up which will give it a life-long fear of bread anyway! Poor kitty is going to wish he had stayed in bed today.

Cat about to attack a dog

7 – Cat Attack

Well at least the cat is picking on someone its own size for a change, but I think even a little dog like this will still give as good as it gets. So I think there will be a serious amount or regret here even if it is just the cat being told off by its owners.

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Cat about to fall in bath

6 – Tap Dancing

It might be a laugh to come over and investigate the bath, but when it is full of water and of course you are a cat there is some real danger to be had! Sadly I can’t see this ending very well for the poor old cat at all. Bath time kitty!

Cat about to attack hedgehog

5 – The Prickle Effect

There is a reason that people don’t touch hedgehogs and porcupines, those spikes on them can be very nasty indeed, but once again the humble cat is too big-headed to realise what is about to happen. Well, it will very soon regret meeting My Hedgehog and soon realise he is not top of the food chain at all.

Cat about to pull its self off a chair

4 – Gotcha!

This is another one of those moments where no matter what the cat does it will lose. It is let’s go it will probably fall off anyway, and if it pulls it will fall off backwards! Poor kitty, but it would scare me if I suddenly discovered I had a tail.

Cat about to attack a dog

3 – Target Acquired

This is a nasty, cruel and slightly funny trick being played by the pet’s owner, but poor pouch here is not going to know what hit him, and then the cat will be regretting what it has done. This is one of those moments where you can’t help but keep looking.

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Cat about to shake hands with a lobster

2 – The Pincher

I would imagine that if you were walking down the street and saw a polite alien that is offering to shake your hand I would like to think that most of us would do it. But unfortunately for this cat Mr Lobster is a tricky fellow and will be something the cat fears for the rest of its life.

Cat about to hit big brother

1 – Sibling Rivalry

It is always a bit of fun to start a fight with your older brother, but then they have the look of thunder on their faces it is best to stay clear. Sadly for this cat, he will soon regret what might be his last time of starting a play fight. Yet another cat life is gone, 8 to go.

Author: Gus Barge

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