10 Effective Solutions That Will Keep Your Home Pest-Free

10 Effective Solutions That Will Keep Your Home Pest-Free

The weekends are for rocking the smart casuals that cannot be worn to work or when out on meetings. When Saturday comes, you decide to rock your red favourite polo shirt, but alas! For a moment, a rat decided to have a meal from your shirt. To avoid similar frustrations, here are nine solutions to help keep your home pest-free.


1. Keep Your Kitchen Clean

This is the busiest room in the house where most food activities take place. Pests and parasites love buffets! The kitchen happens to be the most prone room for such attacks. Always ensure that you clean all your kitchen surfaces with soap and water. Clean your dishes every night before sleeping and ensure the kitchen floor is always clean.

2. Check the House for Entry Points

Nobody knows your house better than you do. So, take that advantage and use it to ensure no potential threats and susceptible areas that may act as entry points of the pests, rodents, and parasites. Do not ignore cracks, leaking roofs. Check for rips in screens and any gaps that the pests can use to enter your house.

But sometimes you need to leave the doors or windows open for a dose of fresh air. To keep flying insects from getting into your home, Fly Screens for Doors and windows will be an effective solution. They come in a wide range of sizes and designs you can pick from to suit your needs. They guarantee you peace and comfort since you don’t have to worry about bugs gaining entry when aerating your home through the windows and doors.

3. Cover Trash and Secure Containers

Food remnants are meals to bugs and vermin. To avoid these creatures from getting a home in your trash bin, make sure that you have your trash can stay tightly closed. This way, even if the dogs overturn it, no mess will be caused.

4. Avoid Leakages

Mosquitoes breed in wet areas, and stagnating water around the compound could facilitate these nocturnal prickers. Always ensure that when you use your garden horse pipe, it is turned off completely. Check out for uneven ground levels. Get them levelled to avoid the formation of water pools around the house.

10 Effective Solutions That Will Keep Your Home Pest-Free

5. Trim Trees and Bushes

Rats, raccoons, and squirrels like bushy areas. Interestingly, they find their way into the house through the attic. We need some fresh air from the trees, but if you must have trees in your compound, keep neatly trimmed and pruned.

6. Cover Food and Store It Appropriately

Cockroaches love to hide in dark places, and they are known to ambush leftover Food. If there is a pest that can give the whole house nightmares, that’s the cockroach. They multiply so fast they are tricky to get rid of. Always ensure your food is tightly covered, and it is stored in a place you can easily reach and remember. Note that pet food is not exceptional.

7. Schedule Professional House Inspections

We may spot a problem in the house, but some problems need professionals to be identified. Do not feel the pinch of paying for pest inspection services. It is better than walking around the house with slippers in your hands, aiming to hit every cockroach you see. Professionals can detect a problem you may never notice. Ask about potential problems and pest raids.

8. Avoid Wood Piles and Debris

Firewood, bricks, stones, and lumber provide food and shelter for rodents and parasites. That is why you are advised to have them far from your house. The moist and dark areas create favourable thriving conditions for these small animals and insects.

Finally, pesticides and insecticides are a perfect backup to keep pests in check. However, they are not always necessary. The above solutions can help spare you from the losses many homeowners incur due to pest trouble.

9. Seal Those Smaller Holes

Most homes have small holes in windows and doors and they are easy to seal. When they are young and more active even the smallest of holes can be a giant open door into your home, so seal them up and this will also help keep more heat into you home at the same time.

10. Pesticides and insecticides

And last but not least is the perfect backup plan to keep pests in check. However, they are not always necessary. Many of the above solutions can help spare you from the losses many homeowners incur due to pest trouble, without the need to resort to these more harmful methods.

Author: Gus Barge

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