Ten Best Environmentally Friendly Ways to Commute To Work

Commuters pilling up on roads to travel to work are not an uncommon sight. Each day, millions of people clog up the roads with their vehicles that add tons of carbon emission to the environment. Even though giving up entirely on the vehicles to get to work is not possible, there are a plethora of ways you can try to make your commute environment-friendly.

If you do not know how to go about it, we have rounded up the ten best environment-friendly ways to commute to work.

Ways of Eco-Friendly Commuting


Use a Street Legal Electric Scooter

1. Use a Street Legal Electric Scooter

Investing in an electric scooter for adults, or a hybrid car is a smart way to reduce carbon emission. Besides this, you can get premium space for parking that can save you tonnes of money you give on taxes. If you are looking for an e-scooter that is legal to operate on the roads in the US check out this list by HoverPatrol.

Walk, Jog or Bike to Work

2. Walk, Jog or Bike to Work & Take your Reusables

This commute way is, without a doubt, one of the lowest carbon emission options for travelling to the office. If you are healthy and do not live in the war zone or in the area that has interstate highways, covering a mile distance by walk is not difficult.

Try biking or two-wheelers to make commuting easy. If the idea intimidates you, pair up with an experienced cyclist until you gain riding confidence.

Additionally, if you want to contribute further, you can reduce waste while commuting by making sure you pack reusables, like water bottles and coffee mugs. There are plenty of more eco-friendly tips like this available, we suggest you visit Puratium.com, an information hub focusing on zero waste, eco-friendly products, vegan fashion, and much more.

Public Transportation

3. Public Transportation

Commuting does not necessarily mean that you have to drive to work. There are plenty of options to get to work, and using public transport is one way to make it eco-friendly.

Not only does it save your environment by cutting down carbon emission but also your money. In addition, it has other commuter benefits as you can read, relax and meditate if you are stuck in a traffic jam. The extra walk you do to go to catch a ferry, train, subway or bus can be healthy for your body.

Shared Ride-Hailing

4. Shared Ride-Hailing

This is another good way to make your commute environment-friendly if you do not mind sharing a ride-hailing service. It does not only allow you to enjoy financial benefits but also give you a chance to take your vehicle off the road and help the environment. With five riders, for example in a shared ride, you take five vehicles off the road.

Telecommute and Teleconference

5. Telecommute and Teleconference

Skipping commuting can be the biggest step that you can take to reduce carbon emission; especially if you have a long commute. If you’re allowed to telecommunicate or work from home for a few days or weeks, skip travelling to work and save money and the environment.

Skateboard to Work

6. Skateboard to Work

The idea might sound bizarre, but many people use this option to get to work. This small four-wheeler has zero carbon emission.

Buy a More Fuel-Efficient Car

7. Buy a More Fuel-Efficient Car

Consider buying cars that run on alternative fuels such as ethanol, biodiesel, and straight vegetable oil to make commute eco-friendly.

Stop Idle Engines

8. Stop Idle Engines

Energy conservation must be your first priority. Save gas or fuel if you have to wait longer than 20 or 30 seconds in your car to keep emission out of air.


Switch to a Four-Day Work Week

9. Switch to a Four-Day Work Week

Reducing working hours means you are reducing weekly commute. If possible, work four days from home and help the environment.

Take A Green Route for Errands

10. Take A Green Route for Errands

If you like to run errands when you commute to work, plot your commute schedule. Try to take the most direct route to avoid fuel burning and major delays.

Author: Gus Barge

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