Top 10 Crazy and Unusual Yellow School Buses

Have you ever seen a yellow School bus either on TV or ion a film? Well, they are mostly from North America and are yellow because it is a design characteristic that the federal and state regulations apply to them. But the ten yellow buses you are about to see and anything but regulation designed and come from all over the world…



Top 10 Crazy and Unusual Yellow School Buses
Yellow School Bus With Snow Tracks

10 – Snow Bus

As you might imagine there are places in North America when it will snow for several months on end. And that is where this snow track school bus comes into it.

Yellow School Bus With Monster Truck Wheels

9 – Monster Bus

I would imagine this is only for shows and events, but you just never know. I think I would have loved going anywhere in this, let alone school!

Yellow School Bus Semi Truck

8 – Semi

This might look like a photoshop edit, but someone really did make it! I would imagine it is not the best when going around corners, even if it can!

Horse Drawn Yellow Schoolbus

7 – Horse Drawn

Maybe this is how they did it before the engine was invented! There is also something post-apocalyptic about it as well.

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Yellow School Bus Sidecar

6 – 3 Seat Bus

Provided there are not many kids along the pickup route this might well be one of the funniest ways to get to school! Not much room for messing around on the back seat though.

VW Camper Van Yellow Schoolbus

5 – VW Bus

You know you do to a small school when the school bus is a converted VW camper van! Or maybe just a really posh, private school.

Supercharged Yellow School Bus

4 – Super School

Need to get to school in a hurry? Well, this late service yellow school bus is a supercharger that will get you to school on time without any worries. You know you have a cool school bus when it has a rear spoiler!

Short Yellow School Bus

3 – Short-Term

Why bother to carpool when you could just get one of these and carry on driving it to work! I love that the engine is almost bigger than the entire vehicle!

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Topsy Turvy Yellow Schoolbus

2 – Downside, Topdeck!

This might be hard to believe, but not only is this bus real, it is also in full service! Yep, there are kids really going to school on this crazy bus. I am so jealous, I had to walk!

Tricycle Yellow School Bus

1 – Riding School

They might be crammed in there like little chickens on their way to the market, but they all look happy, and that’s what is most important. A smiling child going to school (no matter how they get there) is always better than a single child not wanting to go to school.

Author: Gus Barge

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