Ten Pictures of Cats Driving Who Probably Don’t Have a Licence!

While taking my dog out for a walk today we parked up and he decided that he couldn’t wait for me to come round and open his car door so he jumped from the back seat into the driver seat and looked at me through the front windscreen. Just for a moment it really did look like he was driving the car, and these cats are doing very much the same…


Top 10 Images of Cats Driving
Cat driving a car

10 – Night Driver

With the power of the cat’s eyes at night, it is always handy to have a designated cat driver in case your car lights fail. If we all had eyes as good as cats there would probably be a lot fewer accidents on the roads.

Cat driving a car

9 – Top Down

It is all about driving with the top down when it comes to the convertible driving kitty. But she always looks great and likes to feel the wind in her fur.

Cat driving a car

8 – Multi Angle

Looking more like a comic book scene than a photo of a cat driving a car comes this rather odd image collection. I love the middle top image as it looks like the cat has just run over something!

Cat driving a car

7 – Scream if you want to go faster

This looks like the driver from hell as poor kitty looks like he is travailing at warp speed! Unless the car just hit a bird and he wanted to do back and pick it up.

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Cat driving a car

6 – The Face

This cat has a look on his face that says his human owner is late and he knows it is chucking out time at the fishmongers. Or else he is just one angry cat all the time which is also possible.

Cat driving a car


It seems to be a recurring state that cats are just naturally angry drivers! Maybe it is because there are too many dogs on the road or they don’t have any patience for slow human drivers.

Cat driving a car

4 – Drop Down

This cat looks like it is angry with its owner because she lowered the car seat too much. Even I hate getting in the car after someone else has been driving it because I’m quite tall and it can be a squeeze getting into the seat to adjust it.

Cat driving a car

3 – Sunday Driving

At last, it seems we have found a cat that actually likes driving! But maybe it is that lazy aspect of cats that don’t really like the hustle and bustle of our human roads. Even I tend to get a little stressed.

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Cat driving a car

2 – The Long Road Ahead

This poor kitty looks like he has been driving all night! Given the amount of time that a cat normally sleeps, it would take a week for even local delivery’s to get made. Best we stick to human truck drivers.

Cat driving a car

1 – Let’s Roll

It looks like this kitty means business when it comes to driving or else he is a cat in a mission. I am sure that the cat is just sat on its owner’s lap but boy does it look funny.

Author: Gus Barge

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