Ten Horse Racing Betting Strategies You Need To Start Using

Ten Horse Racing Betting Strategies You Need To Start Using

Horse racing is the most popular sports betting choice within the US region. This definitely is a shocker considering that most Americans watch other sports more closely. While there are plenty of sites for betting UK based, it might surprise you to learn that horse race betting is something that has a global fan base with sites located all over the world. Horse racing only comes in as the 26th most-watched sport! It’s not just about watching it to see the progress of horses and riders throughout their careers but also the excitement of place wagers. The appeal to watching horse racing and having a little gamble on it is huge, but having a good betting strategy when it comes to gambling on horses is massively important. That is why we have provided a series of tips and ideas that should certainly contribute along the way to moulding your horse racing journey.

Find a Good Bookie

Those who have been massively serious about winning have different tips and techniques but no matter who you are it all starts with choosing the right bookmaker. At horsebetting.com we found a list of the best horse racing betting sites, this would be the best place to start. By taking the headache away of finding a good bookie means you can put these other tips to much better use.

Never Be Afraid of The Odds

When picking a winning horse you should never be afraid to go against the grain and pick the one with the highest odds. There are countless times when the bookies favourite has fallen on the first corner and the horse with the crazy odds wins by a clear mile. The bigger odds horses do win now and again so there is no harm in having a little side bet on them.

Do your research

This cannot be stressed enough. Only a small percentage of people actually do some research on the big races that they want to bet on like the Kentucky Derby, The National Hunt and so on, and those are the people that usually find success and a return rate, as their actions were strategic and calculated. It should be very obvious that you actually only gamble to make a profit, so you should not be picking your favourite horse, but rather the value that comes from their statistical record.

Ten Horse Racing Betting Strategies You Need To Start Using

Check out the Racing Forms

Racing forms will always give you a quick guide on what you need to know about the upcoming horse races and the actual competitors. You should take in that information to maximise your bet return. Make a habit of researching the past races that horses took part in, and ask yourself these questions- are they better on turf, or are other racing tracks more of this horse’s forte? Every piece of information that you pick up, will mould a clearer picture of the final outcome. With the multiple betting options, you will be able to utilise what position you think horses will finish, and again, winning is not the most profitable bet, it is the most common one. There are plenty of exotic bets that will bring in far greater cash, however, it will be down to you and your insight when it comes to this sport.

Understand that is Still Just a Bet

Even with the research that you conduct, please note that the outcome is never crystal clear. Any horse could win any race, there are just ones that have a better chance. So don’t expect your research to reflect the results all the time.

Speculate to Accumulate

If you want to win big money you will have to do one of two things. The first is to put a big bet down in the first place, or the other is to place down an accumlutor bet. This kind of bet sees you betting on the outcome of several races in each meet with each winning bet adding to the accumulator pot. You can easily win massive amounts from the smallest of initial bets this way, but it is all about holding your nerve and keeping the pot in play.

Utilise the different betting options available

While this was briefly hinted at previously, you will come to realise there are far more betting options than you might realise. When you are shopping for odds, you look for the greatest profit and return that you believe yourself to be capable of. Favourites are always the common choice, and they do not really yield great profits from them. Looking into the odds of all the betting systems, such as accumulator betting, will make things interesting and can really maximise your winnings from then on.

Ten Horse Racing Betting Strategies You Need To Start Using

Don’t Dismiss a Losing Horse

Just because a horse has lost its last several races does not mean it won’t win the one you are currently betting on. In fact, a proven betting strategy called “Beaten Favourite” shows betting on a horse that has won 2 and lost its last race has a much higher chance of winning. No horse should ever be overlooked, especially when it comes to those bigger cup races.

Manage your bankroll

Managing your bankroll is possibly one of the most important things that a punter can ever do. The reason why this is so important is, you want to maximise your profits, and if you keep losing and spending all your budget for the month, you could be using essential funds that are necessary to come back fighting another day. Betting on horses is meant to be enjoyable, have as much fun as these horses. Managing your bankroll should never be underestimated, and having this discipline earlier on, will help you get out of sticky situations later on in your journey.

Do you know of any other horse betting strategies we should have included? Then why not tell us about them in the comments below.

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