Ten Cartoon Dreaming Clouds Drawings by the Very Talented Cheryl H

Today we are taking a look at some cartoons added into real life again. This time it is the work of Malaysian Artist Cheryl H. She makes art by drawing onto photographs of some of the worlds most amazing places. Once again in the cartoon style they are very dream state inspired indeed…

BONUS CONTENT: Top 10 Facts About Clouds


Top 10 Dreaming Clouds Drawings
Cartoon Drawing of Snowdonia, Wales, UK.

10 – All aboard! – thedreamingclouds.tumblr.com

FACT: It can take anywhere between a few minutes and an hour for the atmosphere to create clouds, and it all depends on temperature and wind speed.

Cartoon Drawing of Louvre, Paris

9 – Bling doesn’t get much bigger than this! – thedreamingclouds.tumblr.com

FACT: Depending on the high they are formed clouds can develop both vertically or horizontally!

Cartoon Drawing of St Petersburg, Russia

8 – Odd one out – thedreamingclouds.tumblr.com

FACT: Not only are there well over 5,000 registered cloud fan clubs, but there is also an official Worldwide international Cloud Committee!

Cartoon Drawing of ArtScience Museum, Singapore

7 – The king of frogs…and science – thedreamingclouds.tumblr.com

FACT: Have you ever seen animal shapes in the clouds? Well, Hindu’s and Buddhist’s believe that Cumulus clouds are spiritual cousins of the elephants!

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Cartoon Drawing of Marina Bay Sands shopping mall, Singapore

6 – Splish, splash, I was taking a bath! – thedreamingclouds.tumblr.com

FACT: Often seen in child pictures and amazing summer photos, the classic white cloud is also known as a Cumulus cloud.

Cartoon Drawing of Fushimi Inari Shrine, Kyoto, Japan

5 – “Let go I’ll catch you I promise!” – thedreamingclouds.tumblr.com

FACT: A Noctilucent cloud is one that is so high that it reflects the suns light off its self and is visible during the night.

Cartoon Drawing of Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, Abu Dhabi, UAE

4 –The Praying Caterpillar – thedreamingclouds.tumblr.com

FACT: With very good reason I am sure, but in most arid nations like Iran, clouds are often seen as a good omen.

Cartoon Drawing of Warsaw, Poland

3 – Highway in the skyway – thedreamingclouds.tumblr.com

FACT: Unlike what most of us think, clouds appear white because they reflect the suns light off themselves, not because they are made with cotton wool.

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Cartoon Drawing of Paris, France

2 – Stealers de fromage – thedreamingclouds.tumblr.com

FACT: It is not just the earth that has clouds! In fact, any planet, moon or even large asteroid with an atmosphere has clouds.

Cartoon Drawing of Tsukiji Fish Market, Tokyo, Japan

1 – Ghosts Fish Market – thedreamingclouds.tumblr.com

FACT: There are 3 main categories of clouds and it is all dependant on their height from the ground. Low clouds are made up of water droplets and are located under 2,000m, medium clouds are also made up of water droplets, but are located between 2,000 and 7,000m, and finally high clouds. These are made up of ice crystals and are located somewhere between 5,500 and 14,000m.

Author: Gus Barge

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