Ten of the Worlds Very Best Examples of Art on Fire Hydrants

One thing that we don’t have here in the UK is fire hydrants which I think is a bit of a shame! I often see images of people who “pop” the hydrants and seem to have a great time playing in the cascading waters, I think that if I had experienced that as a child, it would have been a very happy memory indeed. Not only do these water access points offer good times for people, they also offer people a place to express themselves with art, and it is those people who this post is dedicated to…


BONUS CONTENT: Top 10 Facts About Fire


Art attacked fire hydrant: Fire theme
Art attacked fire hydrant: Fire theme

10 – Hydrant of fire!

Fact: Forest fires can be extremely destructive and are dangerous to both humans and wildlife. But these fires are also an important ecological process that can stimulate growth.

Art attacked fire hydrant: Homer Simpson theme

9 – There is a fire!!!…..Doh!

Fact: Scientists believe that humans began using fire to cook food in a controlled way as far back as around 1 million years ago!

Art attacked fire hydrant: Eeyore theme

8 – Eeyore, Eeyore, eey always puts fires out when you need him to!

Fact: Fire is also very useful to humans for lighting, heating, cooking and more. Without it we might not have evolved into the dominant species we are today!

Art attacked fire hydrant: Snoopy theme

7 – Snoopy and wet friends

Fact: Fire is very dangerous to us humans as it can easily burn or blister skin even at very low temperatures so it is important to take safety precautions when using fire.

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Art attacked fire hydrant: pink panther theme

6 – The panther lays in wait.

Fact: Think a candle is a tiny fire and nothing to worry about? Well, a candle flame typically burns at around 1000 degrees Celsius!!! (1800 Fahrenheit).

Art attacked fire hydrant: Winnie the pooh theme

5 – Winnie the wet!

Fact: Flames are the part of a fire which we can not always see, they can be different colours, depending on the substance which is burning.

Art attacked fire hydrant: R2-D2 theme

4 – R2 Squert2.

Fact: Different types of fuel include coal, oil and wood, but at the right temperature everything will burn away to nothing, in the end, no matter what.

Art attacked fire hydrant: Oscar the grouch theme

3 – Oscar the fire service helper?!?

Fact: Fires require fuel, oxygen and heat and need ALL 3 of them to burn, without 1 it will never start to do so much as smoke.

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Art attacked fire hydrant: Minion theme

2 – Despicable water

Fact: Fire needs a perfect mix of substances combined with oxygen in the air, combusting with a flame and often smoke. If just one is missing fire can never happen.

Art attacked fire hydrant: Super Mario theme

1 –  Super Hydro!

FACT: All fire no matter how hot, or what is being burnt is nothing more than a chemical reaction that releases light and heat.

Author: Gus Barge

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