Ten Different Types of Slot Machine

Ten Different Types of Slot Machine

The rise of mobile gaming particularly within the gambling genre has led to the rapid growth of many different slot operators, but with the huge number of slot varieties available, which are the most appealing for you?


Wild Play Slots

These have quickly become amongst the favourite kinds of slots available to mobile players, wild slots can double, triple, quadruple or even quintuple any possible winnings and so provide players with a way to win big when they do win. Many also offer bonus rounds or multipliers to further the experience and provide yet more ways of winning big. Most also have a pay-out table to remove the complications of trying to figure out how much you may win on any one spin.

Progressive Slots

The physical form for these slots allowed players to contribute toward a larger pot until one player is lucky enough to receive the jackpot – these have also become available on mobile devices as all users on a site can contribute to a shared pot for one type of game until winner hits the jackpot and wins big, whilst a different experience from the physical machine, certainly just as fun for many.

Single-Coin Slots

As the name suggests, these are the more basic form of slot you’d imagine to see – whilst not as popular anymore due to the move to digital alternatives, mobile versions are still available with single credit betting replacing what would be the single coin slot.

Multiplier Slots

An evolution on the traditional single coin slot, these allow players to deposit multiple coins or credits for a chance to win at a higher pay-out ratio – many will encourage players to place larger bets, but the mechanics of these often don’t change regardless of the bet amount.

Multiple Pay-line Slots

Most versions of slot machines offer one pay-line where symbols must align for the pay-out whether on 3, 5, or 7 rolls. Multiple pay-line slots do as the name suggests by offering more action and more excitement but requiring bigger deposits to play each line.

Big Bertha Slots

As the name suggests, these are the biggest slot machines around with a variety of ways to play. With the move to virtual slot machines, however, these no longer really exist outside of regular casinos and other brick and mortar locations.

Multi-Game Slots

These type of slots are also as the name suggests – they allow players to play multiple games at once whether this be rolling on the slots, playing blackjack, or taking part in any number of other different casino games – these allow you to play them all at the same time.

Reel Slot Machines

These are the traditional slot machines you’d picture when thinking of what one would look like – the older versions would rely on the pull lever to spin the reels but modern physical machines will instead rely on electronic mechanisms, and the launch of these slots on our mobile device means they spin from the tap of a button.

Video Slot Machines

Video slot machines came around as the launch of mobile gaming came around, these types of slots simply refer the shift from physical machines to incorporate the now popular digital or video machines that many plays on.

Themed Slot Machines

Whilst not entirely a type of slot machine on its own, these slots can be any type of the above or not mentioned by introducing a theme – this could be Christmas slots to get people festive, it could use a famous character or time period, or any number of other themes applied to all kinds of slots.

Author: Gus Barge

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