Ten Deep Thinking Dogs Who Wonder Who the Good Boy Really Is!

Sometimes I do have to wonder what my dog is thinking about. He often looks out over the fields or views up here in the Mountains where I live and seems to ponder life! But is he in deep thought, or is he just wondering what flavour he is having for dinner!? Well let’s try and find out as we take a look at…


Top 10 Images of Deep Thinking Dogs
Dog in Deep Thought

10 – No Return?

Clearly, this dog is pondering if his owner keeps throwing the toy away, maybe he shouldn’t keep on bringing it back! Well, let me tell you not all dogs fetch things, in fact, my own dog looks at me like dirt when I throw the ball for him. He just doesn’t get it.

Dog in Deep Thought

9 –Thoughts of online

Clearly, this dog is wondering how many “likes” his owner will get for pulling off such a silly joke image. Well, the answer is thousands, but I can only hope that the dog gets some sort of treat after this image was taken to make up for the humiliation.

Dog in Deep Thought

8 – The long wait

This dog is thinking about when his or her owner is going to return from the shops. Because they miss them? Well, I would like to think so, but I am sure it is more a case of their owner bringing back some treats each time they go out much as I do.

Dog in Deep Thought

7 –  Barking up the right Tree

As the dog looks out I would like to think that it is wondering how it is going to pee on all those trees and which one it should leave. But much like the res, I am sure that in reality its owner is stood there wondering the same thing.

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Dog in Deep Thought

6 – Paws for thought

Not only is it a stunning image, of an even more stunning view, but the dog looking out over the scene is priceless. Is he wondering about why the postman’s leg tastes so good, or is he wondering how on earth they will get down from there! Doing by the lack of trees or bushes for the dog I am pretty sure it is the latter.

Dog in Deep Thought

5 – Good Boy

So is this dog ever going to know Who the “Good Boy” is? Is it himself? Is it his owner? Well, this dog ponders those questions and even more in this simply beautiful image. The sun going down really does give the photo that extra deep thought style.

Dog in Deep Thought

4 – The Pain of Rain

If this dog is anything like my own then it will hate rain. I swear my dog suffers from season depression as in the winter time it barely moves from its basket despite my willingness to walk him each and every morning. Maybe this dog feels the same way.

Dog in Deep Thought

3 – Care for him

This image is taken from an advert campaign for pet care products. The “I’m unimpressed” or thinking look probably took hours or some very well-timed images.   This Dalmatian is a great image, but not my number 1 even though it goes to the same pet care campaign.

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Dog in Deep Thought

2 –  Looking Out

Little dogs always have the best emotions, and this little pooch is deep in thought indeed as he looks out of a very rain-soaked window probably wondering if he has to go outside to pee, or he can get away with it in the cat little tray again.

Dog in Deep Thought

1 – A Dogs Life

I know the hand under the dog’s chin effect is cheap, but the eyes on this dog really do have a deep thinking style to them. I have often wondered what my own dog thinks about the food I give him, because I don’t know about anyone else, but I have often looked at some of the tins of higher priced dog food and thought to myself…”I would eat that!” so maybe my dog often wonders if I would as well.

Author: Gus Barge

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