Ten of the Worlds Most Unusual and Amazing Basketball Courts

I have never been very “sporty” but there is one game I wish I had tried hard at. You see, being tall I think I would have been rather good at Basketball, but this post isn’t about my hopes and dreams of becoming a sports star, this is about some of the worlds most amazing basketball courts that I might have played on…



Ten of the Worlds Most Unusual and Amazing Basketball Courts
Basketball court in Dubrovnik

10 – Use what you got

Sometimes you just want to play basketball and indeed any sports game you like wherever you can. There is pretty much unremarkable about the clay court, other than the fact that they have had to tilt one-half inwards. It might be weird-looking and indeed to play on, but the views look amazing!

Rooftop Basketball court

9 – Roof Top Court

I have seen quite a few roof-top tennis courts on the internet, but never before have I seen a basketball one! With a caged dome keeping the ball from going over the side is pure class. Then again this 5-story high private court owned by designers Bob & Cortney Novogratz was always going to be rather nice looking.

2 Circles Basketball court

8 – Crop Games

If I had to guess it looks like this basketball court used to be 2 farm silos. Sadly there are no outdoor basketball courts near me, so to make my own like this would be a dream come true! Now I just need to knock down some grain silos somewhere.

Isolated Basketball court

7 – 1 Touch Game

This amazing basketball court in Guatemala is not going to have a basketball courts bath that is for certain. The story behind it goes that this was the best place to put the court and keep the daylight for as long as possible due to them having no electricity in the area. Works for me anyway, it looks amazing!

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World’s Largest Treehouse With Basketball court

6 – Tree House Slam Dunk

Because there were no basketball clubs of indeed basketball courts near me, I soon took to doing other things as a kid like making loads of tree houses. But this is the world’s largest Treehouse and it has a half-court inside of it on one of the 11 high floors! Now that is one big tree house.

Floating Basketball court

5 – Boat Ball

This floating basketball court in Cambodia is located on a giant lake. You might look at it and think that is handy the fence being there to stop the ball going into the water, but that is the fact there to stop the local crocodiles attacking the players as all the noise and movement draws them to it like moths to a flame.

Basketball court at Angels Gate Park

4 – Just Hoops

There is nothing that special about the outdoor court surfaces its self, but the views surrounding it are simply stunning. Located in Angels Gate Park in San Pedro, California it does have a strangely modern, yet post-apocalyptic look to it.

Basketball court on an Aircraft carrier

3 – Flight Deck

If you are looking for a portable outdoor basketball court, then you have come to the right place. This court really is located on an aircraft carrier! In 2011 President Obama and 8,000+ other people were lucky enough to see a one-off game when UNC met Michigan State. Simply Amazing views that are for sure.

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Munich 3D-styled basketball court

2 – Lumps and Bumps

The press release pitch goes like this: “The playable court has been “morphed” as in a 3D program on a computer and looks like the grounds of a rollercoaster, with heights and depths and calm and dynamic zones. The resulting paradox, which moves between a normative set of rules and pleasurable, anarchic change, requires a creative engagement for its use.” Or as I like to call it “A lumpy, bumpy ball game.”

ASB GlassFloor Basketball court

1 – Light me up

The ASB GlassFloor is a system in which reinforced basketball floor tiles made from glass that is set on an aluminium substructure that can be embedded with lighting elements. The surface is designed to emulate hardwood courts with the advantage of flexible lane lines and markings for multi-purpose gymnasiums, meeting regulations for a variety of indoor sports, from badminton to volleyball. The floor can display video as well. “Video messages or scoreboards under the floor are only the beginning. The whole surface can be turned into one big screen. The possibilities for presentation and advertising are as versatile and innovative as ever seen before.”

Author: Gus Barge

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