Ten of The Worlds Most Crazy and Unusual Ping-Pong Paddles

So you are just starting to get into ping-pong (aka table tennis) and are wondering what sort of paddle you should buy. You could buy a professional one that cost a lot of money and doesn’t really do anything to improve your skills, or you could buy one of these crazy and unusual ping-pong paddles and have a laugh while still learning the basics of this sport. Sure, they are not going to improve your game, but they might make the other player smile and then you can smash home a win…

Playpal Ping Pong Paddles

Playpal Ping Pong Paddles – Buy Now on Amazon

As a child, we play games like snakes and ladders, but as adults, we are looking for more active games like ping-pong. That is where these fun themed “Playpal” paddles come into it. Each one is handcrafted and hand-designed with a colourful, playful pattern.

Neatopic Ping Pong PaddlesNeatopic Ping Pong Paddles – Buy Now on Amazon

I am not sure why you would want your own face on your own ping-pong paddle, but if you do this is the one for you. Simply upload an image to personalise it and they will print it out directly onto the paddle itself. Sur,e it doesn’t;t have to be a face image, but that is what most people will do. Maybe you could use an image of someone you hate, then you could power-smash it across the table all day long

The Spanker Ping Pong PaddlesThe Spanker Ping Pong Paddles – Buy Now on Amazon

If you want to maximise those forehand smashes you might want to get this paddle that transfers all that arm power directly into the paddle. It does cut down on the hit space, but if you make contact you should be able to smash it across the ping-pong table before anyone has realised what a strange paddle you have!

Breakfast Ping Pong PaddlesBreakfast Ping Pong Paddles – Buy Now on Amazon

There is nothing better than doing a forehand and backhand flick before breakfast, but what if you combine the two? With these tasty looking paddles your opponent will be so distracted with the sight of all that lovely breakfast food that you can then do a fast-serve and be home in time for the real food!

Double Sided Ping Pong Paddle GloveDouble Sided Ping Pong Paddle Glove – Buy Now on Amazon

Have you ever tried to play whiff-whaff without a paddle? If you have you will know it is surprisingly fun, but it lacks accuracy. What if you combined a paddle with a glove? Yes, you would end up with this crazy paddle that isn’t exactly International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) recognised, but it would be fun to play with it.

Coconut Ping Pong PaddleCoconut Ping Pong Paddle – Buy Now on Amazon

With its paddle handle and crazy thumb-grip hole, this paddle is far from normal. But it has been tested and shown to vastly improve your forehand drive. While you won’t be seeing it used in the Olympics anytime soon it would be fun to try it out for a while to see if it does indeed improve your game.

LED Ping Pong PaddlesLED Ping Pong Paddles – Buy Now on Amazon

I’m not sure it is possible to play ping-pong in the dark, but if it is these paddles are going to be essential. With both orange and green colours, you can pick a side and see your opponent moving about in the darkest of rooms. But to be honest, without an LED ping-pong ball these are kind of pointless. Cool looking and probably fun! …but still pointless.

Oversized Pin-Pong paddleOversized Pin-Pong paddle – Buy Now on Amazon

You don’t have to be Bill Gates to own a ping-pong paddle this size, you can always buy one from Amazon! Sure, they are not quite as big as Bills in the picture, but they are oversized and might make it much easier to hit the ball.

Poo-Pong PaddlesPoo-Pong Paddles – Buy Now on Amazon

Why play boring old ping-pong when you could be playing poo-ping! These crazy little poo paddles are more of a novelty fun item than a serious type of paddle, but it would be funny to take it to the pleasure centre and play with them just once.

Spiderman Ping Pong PaddlesSpiderman Ping Pong Paddles – Buy Now on Amazon

I have never seen Spiderman play ping-pong before, but I would imagine his spider-like reflexes will make him pretty good at it! As long as he doesn’t use his powers on these fun themed paddles you should be in for a chance of beating him with these.

Do you have any weird or unusual ping-pong paddles yourself? Or maybe you own one of these on this list? If you do why not leave a comment below and tell us about it.

Author: Gus Barge

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