Ten of the Very Best Tips on How to Maintain Your Grease Trap

In the era of sustainable development, it becomes the civic and a fundamental responsibility of every citizen on this planet to indulge into practices which cater to the best interests of both the environment, as well as of others around him.

We are living in a world of daily increasing commercial places to eat, in almost every possible street across the globe. Hence, it shouldn’t take long enough to think about the wastes that possibly emerge out of such places. It would only be feasible if such waste is treated in the most responsible manner possible, supplemented with due care & caution.

It is in this regard that a grease trap plays a very crucial role. A grease trap does not only act as one of the most sustainable restaurant services that one can indulge into. It also prevents the restaurant owners from paying hefty amounts to the government for the damage caused to sewage & septic systems because of the irresponsible disposal of the high quantity of grease/waste coming from their restaurants.

Here are a few ideas which will help you in keeping your grease traps safe and effective for their long-term productivity…


Ten of the Very Best Tips on How to Maintain Your Grease Trap


Tips on How to Maintain Your Grease Trap
Tips on How to Maintain Your Grease Trap

Laws and Regulations

There are laws and regulations in different cities regarding the grease traps, ranging from their size to their cleaning styles. It is imperative for every restaurant owner to be well-acquainted with the local laws regarding this plumbing service. By being familiar, he/she is exempted from any administrative hassle, because as they say, ignorance of the law is no excuse.

Tips on How to Maintain Your Grease Trap

Cleaning Equipment

It is essential to have the right kind of equipment to clean a grease trap. You will require things like empty tubs & barrels, buckets for collecting wastewater, garbage bins, cleaning tools like plastic spoons, brushes, putty knives, tapes, cable ties for bags of solid waste, and most importantly, a scoop. Further references can be taken from the local practices that are being followed in your respective areas.

Apart from the equipment, it is strongly advised to have rubber gloves on your hands, and old clothes on your body to tackle the strong odour that comes out of a grease trap. The best time to clean a grease trap is when the restaurant is closed for the customers.

Tips on How to Maintain Your Grease Trap

Institutional Mechanisms

It is very much possible for someone not being able to clean a grease trap on his own, because of the slightly complicated process that it involves. Hence, reliance can be put on various independent plumbing service providers, which professionally do the job on a regular basis. Unless and until you are not entirely sure as to how to do it, this is the best advice. Otherwise, it can increase the chances for uncalled troubles.

Maintaining grease trap is a technical process that involves a lot of due care & caution, and hence, must be handled with same. It will remove the offensive, and the undesirable odour from your kitchen, and will also facilitate preventing the blockage of sewage systems. If proper maintenance is given, it will yield the fruitful results through all avenues.

Tips on How to Maintain Your Grease Trap

Easy does it

While you do want to get this nasty job done as quickly as possible, make sure you take your time when it comes to lifting the lid up. The last thing you need to do is damage it and end up having to buy a new lid.

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Tips on How to Maintain Your Grease Trap

Make Notes and Remember

How many of us have taken apart something and not known how to put it back together? Take your time and take notes, or maybe use your phone to take pictures as well as notes. That way you are not left wondering where that strange leftover part you have is from.

Tips on How to Maintain Your Grease Trap


Making sure you get the correct measurements for the “fatty oils and grease pump out report” is not that easy, but a simple wooden dowel will do the job just nicely. Maybe dip 2 or 3 dowels just so you get an accurate reading.

Tips on How to Maintain Your Grease Trap

Make Sure You Know the Main 5 Components!

While the payout of grease traps are different with each model there is normally 5 main components (Inlet pipe, Flow Rate Controller, Baffles, Water & Outlet Pipe). Getting to know these with your own model is essential for its maintenance.

Tips on How to Maintain Your Grease Trap

Know the Flow

Knowing exactly how your grease trap works, “its flow” will make it easier to maintain and clean. The best way to do this is to watch it work when its first installed. That way you can see the motion, the flow with your own eyes, without the murkiness of the dirty collections of grease.

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Tips on How to Maintain Your Grease Trap

It’s not about knowing if its clogged, it’s about where!

The key to making an unclogging job quick and simple is to know where the clog is. Here are the 3 main areas your grease trap might clog: In the main trap, in the inlet pipe or the outlet pipe. But identifying the problem area you will get the job done a lot quicker.

Tips on How to Maintain Your Grease Trap

Not sure? Watch YouTube!

If all else fails and you need to do something quickly, even before a qualified plumber gets there your best bet is to watch a YouTube video on how to deal with it. While it might not fix the main problem, you might be able to perform a stop-gap solution.

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