Festival Fashion: Ten Clothing Items You Need in Your Wardrobe

Festival Fashion: Ten Clothing Items You Need in Your Wardrobe

For a night, for a weekend, or for a week – a music festival will always be a perfect chance to escape reality and enjoy some total freedom of expression. Of course, the absolutely easiest way to represent your most authentic self remains to choose jaw-dropping rave festival clothing to appear in. And today, we will gladly be your compass through the freshest trends in the rave and EDM fashion world!

Here are the top ten festival clothing items you need in your wardrobe right now!

A Rave Crop Top

Snug, body-tight, sensual, and super comfy – an elastic crop top will totally be your best bud during every music event on the 2022 calendar. Add the bewitching all-over prints they come covered in, and you have the definition of flawless festival style.

A Pair of Booty Shorts

These are made to impress! Their unique design aims to highlight your shapes and provide some extra support so that the spotlight will be yours to enjoy. Plus, they have a delicate, tummy-control high waist and look fabulous on all body shapes and sizes.

Printed Spandex Leggings

High-quality spandex leggings are an all-time festival classic that blends comfort, freedom of movement, and a stunning design. They come in a variety of printed motifs – including futuristic and sci-fi, psychedelic, animalistic, chic, and kawaii. All you need to do is pick your character!

A Cut-Out Mini Dress

A mini rave dress is the little black dress of the festival realm, and you will love how it works for your vibe! These babes are trendy enough to dazzle and foxy enough to excite. Also, they can come with different extra cuts – for example, underboob cuts, abdomen openings, or deep scoop necks.

A Long Maxi Dress

If you’re looking to achieve a more regal and stately appearance without losing your pinch of sauciness, a cut-out maxi dress will be your piece of cake. It has a wide front opening, and you can wear it with your pair of booty shorts as a base. Then put your platform boots on and show them who runs the show!

Neon Green Color Bodysuit

Music festivals and neon outfits simply belong together! Now imagine the outfit is actually a one-piece come-hither bodysuit, and the neon ink is actually UV-reactive… That’s how you make it to the front page of festival magazines, and that’s how you show off in style!

A Matching Two-Piece Set

Co-ords are still in fashion, as long as you know where to shop! In fact, matching two-piece sets with graphic prints are the most notable trend for festival season 2022. They will let you look gorgeous with practically zero effort because all you need to do is accessorize and enjoy the result.

A Full-Body Costume

You’ve indeed considered buying a printed costume for Halloween, cosplay, or roleplay events. But did you know that they are also very favoured in contemporary rave culture? Sleek, lustrous, and extra classy, these designs are for the ladies and gentlemen who are not afraid to stand out and make a splash.

A Sleeveless Catsuit

If you love the idea of a full-body costume, but you’re attending an outdoor summer festival, a sleeveless catsuit will bring together the best of all worlds for you. It’s streamlined, aerodynamic, provocative, and dashing as hell! And – of course – it may come in the exact print pattern that fits your fancies.

A Boob Tube Top

Last but not least, the boob tube top is the comfiest and most minimalistic type of crop top you need in your festival wardrobe. It is strapless, well-fixed, trim, and brilliantly cool – plus, it pairs perfectly with both booty shorts and printed leggings.

Can you already feel the inspiration kicking in? Now that you have the list, you only need the mood before you dress up and have the time of your life!

Author: Gus Barge

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