Ten of the Very Best Designs and Recipes for High Heel Cupcakes

Before learning to blog I wanted to start up my own cupcake shop because my cupcakes looked OK and tasted pretty good. Sadly I then found Pinterest I realised I would be a very small fish in a cut-throat cupcake World. Anyone who runs a cupcake business has my respect because you need to step it up every day, coming up with new designs and riding the best cupcake trends, much like all these cupcakes that are all shaped like high-heel shoes


Black High Heels Cupcakes
Black High Heels Cupcakes

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We start off with the classic design of a cupcake and stiletto heel part protruding out of it. What you make the sole of the shoe with is up to you, but most people tend to use a biscuit like a rich tea finger.

Purple High Heels Cupcakes

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With a chocolate wafer heel, these have certain princess look about them which could make they perfect for a princess party or just for someone who thinks they are a princess!

Red High Heels Cupcakes

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These red high heel cupcakes look incredible and I can only imagine they taste just as nice as they look. I can just imagine bitting into that cookie stick heel and it all crumbling away…yummy.

Pink High Heels Cupcakes

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Not only a very nice set of stiletto cupcakes, but also a matching handbag to go with them! I’m not sure what the bag is made of, but the cupcake shoes are the classic design with a lot of marzipan covering.

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Brown High Heels Cupcakes

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What I like about this one is its simplicity. The classic cupcake for the main part of the shoe and a frosting sole supported with a cookie stick heel. This is one shoe I would be willing to lick!

Pink High Heels Cupcakes

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These rather tasty pink ones were done for a birthday party, but I would enjoy making them for just about any occasion. Once again I am not sure what they have used for the main shoe sole but can see it has a cookie tube heel.

Yellow High Heels Cupcakes

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I think the yellow hundreds and thousands toppings really make this one stand out of the crowd and while the icing isn’t the most professional it still looks good enough to eat.

Spotty High Heels Cupcakes

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You will not see a much more impressive stiletto cupcake that these ones, with hundreds and thousands on the main strap of the shoe they look simply amazing and would even be great as a real shoe! I’m not sure about that large marzipan heel though.

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Light Blue High Heels Cupcakes

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Decorated to perfection and the classic design with cookie straw heel, this high heel cupcake has it all and would look perfect on any birthday girls table.

Light Green High Heels Cupcakes

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This design is my number 1 spot for a couple of reasons, the first is that it looks so tasty and the other is the cookie sole and heel that makes it look amazing. While this and any of these recipes are pretty easy to replicate, this is one of those cupcake styles that will look different with each person making them. So I have to wonder what my own ones will end up like, I guess I had better get making them and find out.

Author: Gus Barge

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