Shoes Your Baby Will Find Comfortable

Shoes Your Baby Will Find Comfortable

Learning how to walk is considered one of the most important milestones in your baby’s life. Encourage them to do so by buying them shoes that they will be comfortable in. However, this can prove to be a challenging feat as your baby won’t be able to tell you if they find the shoes that you bought unfitting. This article delves into the kind of shoes that your baby will surely feel comfortable in…


Lightweight and Breathable Materials

One of the primary things that you need to consider in looking for a pair of baby shoes is the material that it is made of. As much as possible, go for ones that are made from lightweight and breathable materials which will make it easy for your baby to lift. In this case, your best option is to go for a pair of baby moccs that can come in a variety of designs and colors. Moccasins are often made from lightweight materials that will allow your baby to move in them freely.

It is also important that the shoes you pick for your baby are breathable. In this way, the feet of your little ones won’t stink even if they use the shoes for a relatively long period. Sure, you can wash your baby’s shoes but frequent washing may cause excessive fading, or worse, it can even cause the shoes to fall apart. Thus, apart from breathable materials, you can go for ones with an anti-stink lining too.

Easy to Put On

Comfortable baby shoes are those that are easy to put on and take off when necessary. However, it should also be able to stay on once your baby is already wearing it. No matter how cute the shoes look, but if it takes you several minutes just to put them on, then there is a great chance that your baby won’t be happy wearing them. The reason behind this is that babies can easily get bored and frustrated, such that if it takes a long time for you to help them wear their shoes, then they would rather not wear any shoes at all.

Rest assured that there are several designs for you to choose from when it comes to baby shoes. Most are easy to put on but there are also those otherwise. In this case, opt for ones with snaps or Velcros rather than shoes with laces that still need to be tied in a knot. You can go for the latter during their preschool years when they already need to learn how to tie their shoelaces.

Proper Size

Another factor that you need to consider to ensure that your baby is comfortable in his or her shoes is when it comes in the proper size. This means that the shoes that you pick should neither be too tight nor too loose. Getting a pair that is too tight for your baby will surely be uncomfortable and rather than walking, he or she may ask to be carried instead. On the other hand, a pair that is too loose can easily be lost as it is prone to falling the moment you carry your baby.

Always keep in mind to check the size of your baby’s feet because they tend to grow so fast, such that the pair that you got just a couple of months ago may already be too tight the next time that you get your baby to wear them. It is also a good idea to check your baby’s feet for any inflamed tissue around his nails or red pressure marks on top of the small joints in his toes. These are indications that the shoes that he is wearing are already too tight.

Right Sole

When your baby’s shoes come with the right sole, then they will most likely be comfortable in them. The right sole depends on the activity that your baby is already able to handle. For instance, a soft but durable sole will already be beneficial for pre-walkers. A harder sole will prove to be more advantageous for first walkers, as well as cruising babies. When your little one is already capable of running, then you should go for a pair of shoes with an even harder sole.

Comfortable baby shoes are also those that come with close-cropped soles that will prevent your baby from falling or tripping over. However, even the sole of your baby’s shoes should be lightweight and flexible as this will be able to aid them in walking better. In parallel to this, soles with rubber grips are also a good idea to prevent any slips in case your baby cruises a slippery floor.


Go for a pair of baby shoes that are flexible because your little one will be more comfortable in them. A flexible pair of baby shoes will go with the shape and movement of your baby’s feet, allowing them to practice their balance. Keep in mind that even babies who are not yet walking love to move their toes around, which means that flexible shoes are one of the best options for them.

Shoes Your Baby Will Find Comfortable


The most comfortable baby shoes prove to be durable. While it is true that you may need to buy your little one a pair of shoes every couple of months, you still need to go for high-quality shoes that will not break after being used a couple of times, or worse, while your baby is practising his balance. Rest assured that there are several reliable baby shoe brands that you can rely on when it comes to durability and comfort.


It doesn’t matter if you go for straps or velcro, you need to make sure the fastener method makes your babies feet secure by offing not only good support but also good support on the toes area as well, especially making sure they don’t have to curl their toes up to get more grip.


Talking of grip you should pay just as much attention to the underneath of the shoe as you do the top and insides. If you have a lot of carpet at home or soft lino consider going for a softer shoe, but if you have hardwood flooring or even stone you should try and get baby shoes with the best grip you can, especially non-slip style grip.


While you don’t want the shoes to have too much padding the younger your child is the more padding support they might need. So feel inside the shoe and make sure there is enough padding to recent rubbing on the heals as well as the sides of the feet.

Expert Help

Don’t be afraid to ask questions to the in-store clerk or the help/contact features on a website. This is especially true if your child needs special support or comfort ina certain area. This is one of those purchases you don’t want to get wrong so asking an expert is always a good idea if you are even the slightest bit unsure on anything relating to your babies first shoes.

In getting a pair of shoes for your baby, you need to ensure that they will be comfortable in them. This means that as much as possible, you need to go for baby shoes that are made from lightweight and breathable materials that are designed to be easy to put on. It should also be in the proper size, have the right soles, flexible, and durable. All these are geared towards ensuring that your baby is comfortable in them, encouraging them to practice walking.

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