Solar Power Tips: 10 Ways to Boost Solar Panel Performance

Solar Power Tips: 10 Ways to Boost Solar Panel Performance

If the photovoltaic panels on your home or business don’t produce quite enough watts, you might not need to upgrade your system which could cost thousands of pounds. Your current system probably has the potential to generate even more energy than it currently is and there are several techniques to increase output…

Do a Visual Inspection

Inspect each panel and find out if dust, bird droppings, pollen, or leaves have accumulated on it. You may need to use binoculars. If you notice any detritus, wash it off as soon as possible.

Get New Appliances

These days most new appliances are designed to be as energy-efficient as they can be. You might not think changing all your lightbulbs to LEDs or swapping those old white goods for energy effect ones will have an impact, but studies show it can save the average household as much as 20% in terms of energy usage!

Knowledge is Power

Understand how the equipment works. The entire system is affected by the performance of each solar cell. A small amount of debris or shading can have a disproportionate impact on total output.

Check Them Regularly

Repeatedly check the panels to see if anything shades them. You may need to trim trees and relocate a satellite dish, antenna, or decoration before you can maximize solar power production.

Get That Snow off Before it Melts

During winter, remember to remove snow with a roof rake. Although some sunlight usually penetrates this frozen substance, a thick accumulation will drastically reduce the output of your system.

Solar Power Tips: 10 Ways to Boost Solar Panel Performance

Use Less Power

If you try to stagger your energy consumption through the day you can cut the amount of power you use by as much as 30%. The less you rely on drawing from the power grid the more you will appreciate your solar panels!

Light-Coloured Roofing

If you need to replace part or all of your roof, think about selecting a light-coloured roofing material that reflects sunlight and doesn’t become too hot. Photovoltaic equipment works better at lower temperatures.

Lighter roofing may also reduce your home’s cooling costs. However, it could increase winter heating expenses. Ice might take longer to melt off roof surfaces as well. Consequently, this solution has greater appeal in hot, sunny places like Miami and Phoenix.

Increase The Performance

A concentrator, booster reflector, or mirror may enhance performance by up to three-tenths. However, this strategy could increase the risk of equipment failure and void any warranty that remains in effect.

Change Energy Supplier

No matter where you live the chances are that you will draw at least some power from the grid at some point. Making sure you are getting the best deal you can for that excess power use will help you appreciate your solar panels a little more.

Get More Sun!

If you own ground-mounted panels, a sun-tracking system might appeal to you. It automatically reorients photovoltaic cells to follow the sun’s rays. Trackers usually raise maintenance expenses, but they boost output by around 30%.

Basically, you can enhance performance when you ensure that the system receives as much direct sunlight as possible. If these methods don’t yield adequate results, think about adding more panels or finding new ways to use power more efficiently.

Author: Gus Barge

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