10 of the Finest Cleaning and Optimization Apps for Mac (Free + Paid)

10 of the Finest Cleaning and Optimization Apps for Mac (Free + Paid)

Macs running sluggishly and slowly is terrible news. And most of the time, there’s probably nothing wrong with your Mac. All it requires is a little TLC.

A bit of cleaning and removing unneeded, redundant files and data can speed up your Mac and make it lightning-fast. The best way to clean Mac is by using a cleaner application. The apps are designed to automatically optimize the device’s performance and make space for new items.

Here’s a list of some top cleaning and optimization apps for Mac.

Disk Clean Pro

Disk Clean Pro is a well-known application capable of removing redundant data and junk files from your Mac. It removes all unnecessary data in a secure manner. The app helps free storage space with powerful tools that eliminate crash reports, log files, and incomplete downloads.

The app optimizes your Mac’s storage space by deleting large and duplicate files and even old files that are sitting there on your Mac.

Drive Genius

Drive Genius is more than a cleanup tool. It is an optimization and monitoring tool. Its features allow you to quickly run diagnostics on your system’s storage drive to find the problematic areas. Besides this, the app scans for malicious content and securely erases files. The software is capable of detecting corrupted files on the hard drive.

The app has a DrivePulse feature, which runs extensive scans on the internal drive, and users receive information on its status. For example, users are notified if their drive is about to fail.

Although DrivePulse takes a long time to complete the scan, and there are free tools to detect problems, the results are worth the wait. The comprehensive results can save you from lost files and a dead drive.

The free version of this software lets you use a small portion of the available features, including DrivePulse. You can unlock advanced features with a subscription.

Disk Doctor

Disk Doctor is a helpful tool for optimizing Mac’s performance and performing maintenance operations. The app fixes errors and ensures you can fine-tune all the hidden preferences to make your Mac work lightning-fast. The app removes all the junk files from the hard drive.

The Disk Doctor application only scans attachments from the Apple Mail application, and the other desktop email clients are ignored. Also, it uses a very basic program for file deleting, which cannot permanently delete files. The cleanup software is basic and doesn’t come with advanced features. But it is alright for day-to-day use if you want to automate the cleaning process.

Gemini 2

Gemini 2 is a powerful Mac cleaner tool, and its strength lies in detecting duplicate files and organizing them. The software can detect, list, and delete duplicate files on your Mac within minutes. This helps in freeing up a lot of storage space.

The app comes with a duplicate checker that scans through the files and folders, regardless of the data type. This means that whether you have duplicate music, photos, or documents, the app will find them during the scan.

When you get the scan results, you can choose the duplicates you wish to delete and the ones you want to keep. If you accidentally delete a copy, you can recover it with a single click. Also, you can choose folders and files you want to exclude during the duplicate scan.

However, Gemini isn’t the perfect cleaner software for Mac. It comes with a few cons, such as it is not a free tool and has an achievement feature that seems out of place. The app seeks to gamify the entire process of cleaning and getting rid of duplicate files on your Mac. This seems unnecessary. But this app might be perfect if you like a bit of drama when performing mundane tasks.


OnyX is a feature-rich Mac cleaner software perfect for tasks like structuring system files, verifying the startup disk, and configuring parameters. With this software, you can delete cache, clean disk errors, and rebuild databases. You don’t need to learn Terminal commands.

OnyX is a trusted cleanup software that focuses on simplifying the entire operation. Although the software is free, it suits individuals with excellent programming skills. If you are an amateur user, you may take a while to find your way around the features and interface of the software.

App Cleaner & Uninstaller

Moving an app to the Trash cannot remove all the data from your Mac’s drive. Also, this doesn’t completely uninstall the app from your device. This is where App Cleaner & Uninstaller comes to the rescue. The software lists all the associated files of the application you wish to uninstall and removes all the necessary traces of the files. Hence, it optimizes the space on your drive and removes all the unnecessary app data left behind.

The drawback is that the app singularly focuses on app uninstallation. It doesn’t offer other protection features.

CleanMyMac X

CleanMyMac X is one of the best Mac cleaners combining the features of an anti-malware tool and cleaning software. The app’s System Junk module comprehensively scans your system’s storage and detects system log files, user cache, old updates, etc. The app also reveals the downloads so you can remove the redundant files. The app ensures you don’t have to clean your computer manually.

The app uninstalls all the unneeded applications and their leftovers, keeps Mac’s system clean, removes local copies of mail attachments, etc. The software comes with fourteen modules, each with set instructions that do a lot more than remove unused files.

The Smart Scan feature is available in the free trial version. Then, you can upgrade the app and unlock additional features.

Cleanup My System

Cleanup My System is a cleaner developed by Systweak Software. It has multiple features supporting optimization, cleaning, and privacy. The software lets you remove all the clutter from your system and free the storage space. The newest addition in this app enables you to get a visualization of the disk space. It also offers the necessary safety from online trackers. The app removes all online traces and guarantees security.

Besides cleaning, the app manages login items and removes applications. It removes large and bulky files, unwanted mail attachments, junk, log, cache, and trash.

CCleaner for Mac

CCleaner for Mac is developed by Piriform CCleaner, and this professional tool has been recently made available for Mac. After using this tool, you will notice a significant performance boost in the functioning of your Mac. The app offers three tabs, namely, Options, Tools, and Cleaner. These tabs comprise all the essential functionalities needed to optimize your system.
The app is available as free and paid.

MacBooster 8

MacBooster offers a sturdy set of security modules and cleaning features. The app is mainly good at maintaining the system’s performance and safety. Furthermore, the app helps in deep system cleanup and identifies duplicates. Installing this comprehensive Mac cleaning and maintenance software will protect your system from malicious files and other infections.

Using this software is effortless. It has a user-friendly interface and scans the computer for viruses, junk files, memory optimization, etc. Once the scan is complete, you can use the paid version to fix all the detected errors.


Use these cleaner apps to optimize storage on your Mac automatically.

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