Top Ten Movie-Inspired Slot Games

Top Ten Movie-Inspired Slot Games

With slots now more creative than ever, it’s no surprise that developers are now leveraging the popularity of the silver screen to supercharge their games. The result? The biggest movies ever + slot machines = a match made in heaven.

We’ve seen slots based on pretty much every character or movie you can think of, whether you’re talking about big-budget Hollywood productions or cult classics that continue to inspire. These are our top ten movie-inspired slot games.

Terminator 2

The recent Netflix documentary about Arnold Schwarzenegger has once again driven up the hype train on the action star. His old classics like Predator, True Lies, and even Twins are once again being dusted off and hitting the top of the charts.

So too the movie-inspired slot Terminator 2. The title gives the game away; the slot is based on the classic 1990s film about stopping a potentially dystopian future.
Terminator 2 feels like the real thing right from the load. The music is on point, and the game has the font, feel, and symbols that hark back to the legendary franchise.

Ted Megaways

The 2012 comedy starring Seth MacFarlane, Mila Kunis, and Mark Wahlberg has a bit of a cult following. Its popularity has resulted in a fantastic slot called Ted Megaways, which follows the exploits of our favourite foul-mouthed teddy bear.

The game has a fun and light feel, just like the movie. You get your classic Megaways functionality, including cascading reels, multiple bonus rounds, including the Thunder Buddies free spins.

To give you an indication of just how big a hit Ted has been with gambling aficionados, this is just one of many slots themed after the movie(s). There’s also Ted Cash Lock, Ted Jackpot King, and Ted Pub Fruit. For those of you who like to veer away from slots every once in a while, you’ve got the option of Ted Big Money Scratchcard.

Mighty Kong

Based on the 1933 classic, King Kong, this slot game is a little harder to find at your average online casino (however, SkyCity NZ casino is one where you can), so you’ll have to keep your eyes peeled. But it’s a game that is legitimately great fun, high quality and is a little bit underrated. Those vintage 30’s vibes are authentically captured to involve you in the gameplay.

This is a 50-line, 4×5 slot machine. The Wild reel is of the expandable sort, filling the entire reel should you hit it. And of course, you have a chance to ‘meet’ Mighty Kong himself, going on an adventure all over the world as you take advantage of the free spins round.

Wizard of Oz

Just like the OG movie, this slot is starting to show its age. It’s been around for a number of years, but the reason that many online casinos still carry it is that it will always have an audience.

The game is well-themed, has great bonus rounds, and captures the essence of the movie without frills. It’s a feel-good slot that will have you thinking like you’re not in Kansas anymore.

The Goonies

Released in 2018, this slot is undoubtedly taking advantage of the massive 1980s craze that followed the release of the hit series Stranger Things. The slot is 100% Goonies right from the off, with the familiar “Hey You Guys!” hitting the user’s speakers as the game loads.

It captures the spirit of the 1985 movie, with a real adventure vibe oozing from the screen with every spin. You’ll be greeted by a familiar 5-reel, 3-row setup, with a standard 20 paylines. The bonus features are super cool, and it’s nice that the developers created 6 themed bonuses specifically for this game.

Jurassic World: Raptor Riches

Just like the previously mentioned Ted, Jurassic Park is a blockbuster that’s just so popular amongst slot players, that there are several games influenced by the series. In this one, we’re specifically referencing Jurassic World: Raptor Riches.

It’s a game developed by Microgaming and Fortune Factory Studios, with the result being a fight to retain control of the planet. You see some of your favourite characters from Fallen Kingdom, including Claire Dearing, Dr Wu, and Owen Grady.


Yet another slot inspired by 1980s action stars, this time Sly Stallone’s epic Rocky series. It’s an older slot, released in 2010, but it still packs quite the punch (see what we did there? Okay, yes, lame but far too tempting!).

Developed by Playtech, it’s not a surprise that the game is quality and still stands the test of time. It has 25 fixed paylines and two Rocky-inspired bonus features. These days, two different types of bonus rounds are a little light, but they’re well-designed and can lead to a 10,000x win.

The Dark Knight

The best movie in the Batman universe deserves a lot, there’s no question about it. Thankfully, Microgaming has done a good job at honouring the Christopher Nolan epic, including appearances from the fantastic Heath Ledger as the Joker.

The game’s standout feature from a gambling perspective is that it’s part of a progressive jackpot, with players also able to win a Mini, Minor, and Major jackpot.


This one was released to coincide with the newest adaption of Jumanji starring The Rock. Don’t worry, playing this game won’t get you sucked into another dimension where you have to battle for your lives (we think?).

Developed by NetEnt, one of the biggest companies in the business, the graphics on this slot are instantly recognizable and next-level good. What this game has over other slots is that the movie itself is all about a board game, which lends itself incredibly well to the creation of an immersive slot that feels just like the action on the big screen.

Elvis Presley

Our last entry is a little bit of a cheat. It’s a game that’s based on the singer, not necessarily the movie, but there’s no doubt that this entry reflects the vibe of Baz Luhrmann’s hit movie.

It has the tracks, the bonuses, and the themed graphics, it just feels like Elvis. You’ll hear big tunes like Hound Dog, Heartbreak Hotel, and Blue Suede Shoes. You know what your Spotify is going to look like after playing this game.

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