Ten Pictures of Hard-working Cats With Money

Today I was reading a blog story about a crazy cat lady who had sadly passed away, but left her treasured cat with millions of pounds! (and there are loads of stories very much the same)  But what can her cat really do with all that money? Surly it would be better off going to a cat home, or something. Or maybe the cat will just live the rest of it’s 9 lives in a millionaire lifestyle! Well lets find out as I bring you…


BONUS CONTENT: Top 10 Amazing Facts About Money


Top 10 Best Images of Cats With Money
Cat with stack of coins

10 – “I don’t have much money left, I spent it all on luxury kitty nibbles.”

FACT: It costs an average of X2.4 its worth to make money. So a £1 coin for example costs £2.40 to make! So who pays for them to be made?!?

Top 10 Best Images of Cats With Money
Cat with Money in Mouth

9 – “I don’t have much money left, but don’t worry. I am off to Vegas to win it all back!”

FACT: It doesn’t matter where you live in the world, gambling generates more revenue than all the theme parks, music, movies and video games sales put together!

Top 10 Best Images of Cats With Money
Cat looks like $5 bill

8 – “If you look like money, it will come to you!”

FACT: About 2.8% of the money in the entire world is fake! But strangely this is not mostly large notes, in fact over 45% of it is coins and the rest is mostly low value notes!

Top 10 Best Images of Cats With Money
Cat hiding money

7 – “And this is all I get for pocket money? Have you not seen my luxury fish diet plan?!?”

FACT: Back in 1923 hyperinflation caused the German currency to lose all of its value! In fact, it was so worthless that most people just threw it away or gave it to their children to play with!

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Top 10 Best Images of Cats With Money
Cat holding some Money

6 – “It got flies off that infested dog, and this is all my lousy lawyer won for me!”

FACT: Not just some, but ALL of the blood you will ever give the blood bank is sold on the open and free market for anyone and everyone to buy, and here is a cash generating idea for you, the average blood is worth just $2.41 per pint, but rare blood (AB Negative) is worth about $250 per pint!

Top 10 Best Images of Cats With Money
Cat looking in the mirror with loads of money

5 – “Girl! You are worth every, single bit of this cash and then some.”

FACT: Have you got £5 (or maybe $10) in your pocket? Well give yourself a pat on the back because you are wealthier than 25% of the entire world!

Top 10 Best Images of Cats With Money
Bold cat with a pile of money

4 – “It was worth selling my hair to that fashionista women. But I should buy a coat now.”

FACT: More Monopoly money is printed every year than real money! And it is estimated that with 100 years the very first Monopoly money released will be worth more than the real thing!

Top 10 Best Images of Cats With Money
Angry cat with loads of money

3 – “Why are you $20 short of the rent again? Get your stuff, and get OUT! Stupid dog.”

FACT: The worlds very first paper money was used in China about the year 600, but didn’t make it here to the UK until 1694!

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Top 10 Best Images of Cats With Money
Cat with lots of money and a car

2 – “You get the rest of the cash once I am sure the dog is really dead.”

FACT: 90% of all money in the world has at least some trace of drugs on it. But you might forget worrying about that when you learn the fact that 61% of all money has some sort of animal excrement on it! Yuck!

Top 10 Best Images of Cats With Money
Cat Sitting on a pile of Money

1 –  “So…..which one of you lazy, good for nothing, slimeballs wants $1,000 to feed me?”

FACT: The Perth mint is officially the worlds most valuable coin. It is 80cm wide, 12cm thick and it made from 99.99% real gold. Now that sounds like an amazing coin indeed, but while its face value is exactly $1 million all the gold in it is worth $50 million. Time to cash in any gold coins you might have then!

Author: Gus Barge

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