Ten of the Worlds Weirdest and Funniest Bingo Memes

Every game has some form of ‘meme’ floating around these days, funny pictures that reference something only the players understand. Bingo is currently the latest one to adapt their own ‘meme’ culture, so here are the most hilarious ‘Top Ten’…

Top 10 Weird and Funny Bingo Memes

10 – The Inside Joke

We all have one, that look you exchange with your friends across the table in the Bingo hall when someone says something. That sly grin and snort of laughter as you try not to give the game away to others not in on the joke.

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Top 10 Weird and Funny Bingo Memes

9 – The Addiction

They say the first step of addiction is admitting that you have a problem. Of course no one wants to admit it; they just silently look around them at chequered surfaces imaging a giant daub pen filling in imaginary numbers. Or looking at a bus number and thinking: “Yes, I’m two numbers closer to a full card.”

Top 10 Weird and Funny Bingo Memes

8 – A Game Everyone Understands

Anywhere you go in the world there will be a Bingo game of some sort. Sandy shores or frozen peaks, everyone is aware of what the game of Bingo involves. And they all understand the raw frustration you can have when you spend ten minutes with a card that only has one number coloured in on it.

Top 10 Weird and Funny Bingo Memes

7 – Show Me Your ‘Bingo Face’

Everyone has one, that contorted face you make when you realize the shout you heard from the back of the room was some other person yelling: “House!” You try your hardest not to pull ‘that face’, but you can’t help it, they’re already walking past your table and your face has already committed.

Top 10 Weird and Funny Bingo Memes

6 – Late For Bingo

This is where the seething rage and panic starts to kick in. The doors of the hall stop letting people inside in ten minutes and you’re fifteen minutes away. It’s time to get the foot down and start mounting pavements, I mean you have a bumper on your car for a reason.

Top 10 Weird and Funny Bingo Memes

5 – Still Late For Bingo

This one is pretty self-explanatory, there’s nothing worse than that gut wrenching realisation that you’re going to be late for your Saturday sessions. Every slow moving vehicle becomes an eight mile long traffic jam. Every person crossing the road in your eyes is doing it out of spite to just slow you down.

Top 10 Weird and Funny Bingo Memes

4 – Haters Gonna Hate

Of course every ‘meme’ has an ‘anti-meme’. These only serve to stoke the fire of ignorance of those that have never experienced the rush of getting all your numbers and crying to the heavens in a packed hall of your peers: “HOUSE!” Instead of criticising these ‘anti-memes’, we should embrace them, yeah the game is silly but you know what, we love it and that’s ok.

Top 10 Weird and Funny Bingo Memes

3 – Risqué Bingo

Bingo over the years has shed its stereotype of being a hall full of boring, half-blind, nearly deaf and close to death pensioners. Now younger crowds are encouraged in with cocktail nights and the occasional singles night. Where young, hip singletons can get together with like-minded others over a good old game of Bingo.


Top 10 Weird and Funny Bingo Memes

2 – The ‘Player’

Every hall has one, that rarely seen but widely spoken about ‘legendary player’. The one that got all their numbers in less than five minutes and won the biggest jackpot. The one that everyone instantly accuses of either cheating or rigging the game somehow.

Top 10 Weird and Funny Bingo Memes

1 – Hardcore Crowd

When you think of bingo players, the first thing that pops to mind is the elderly. No longer confined to old folk’s homes, pensioners spend their time talking to their relatives via the internet, tottering around local tourist attractions and driving incredibly slow on the motorway. But get them into a bingo hall and they can become gangster geriatrics when there’s a Bingo prize at stake.


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