Top 10 Themed Kit Kat Cakes

Top 10 Themed Kit Kat Cakes
Top 10 Themed Kit Kat Cakes

If ever there was an easy to make cake, it has to be a kit-kat one. We have already seen a few unusual styles in my post “Top 10 Kit Kat Cakes” but this post is going to take things that little bit further.  The idea is simple, you take one normal kit kat cake and theme the top in a style of your choice, and here are ten ideas people have already come up with…


Top 10 Themed Kit Kat Cakes


Top 10 Themed Kit Kat Cakes
Ice Bucket Themed Kit Kat Cake

10 – Ice Bucket

Trust me when I say these cakes are not just for kids parties. Us adults would be more than happy to tuck into one provided it didn’t have a too childish theme.

Top 10 Themed Kit Kat Cakes
Easter Basket Themed Kit Kat Cake

9 – Easter Basket

This is perfect for Easter time and not only because it is themed like it, because being made with mostly chocolate it fits right in with the rest of the food kids will be eating that day.

Top 10 Themed Kit Kat Cakes
Jungle Themed Kit Kat Cake

8 – Jungle

What I liked about this cake is that there are no complicated things to make. Just some plastic animals and trees, placed on a green Kit Kat cake, in fact, the only hard part is the grass at the bottom of the cake.

Top 10 Themed Kit Kat Cakes
Olaf / Frozen Themed Kit Kat Cake

7 – Olaf

There is a very good reason why the video-driven making guide in the link has almost 2 million views, it’s because it looks amazing and with easy to follow instructions must of us could at least give this a good go. It might not look exactly the same, but close.

Top 10 Themed Kit Kat Cakes
Pirate’s Bucket of Gold Themed Kit Kat Cake

6 – Pirate’s Bucket of Gold

Very much like the treasure chest, we saw in my post “Top 10 Recipes Using Kit Kats” but with a barrel style chest of gold instead. This is a great idea for any Pirate themed parties.

Top 10 Themed Kit Kat Cakes
Pigs in Mud Themed Kit Kat Cake

5 – Pigs in Mud

This was one of the first themed Kit-Kats cakes I ever saw, and dare I say it is still one of the best looking as well. Plus as an added bonus there is a step by step making guide in the link.

Top 10 Themed Kit Kat Cakes
Cats in Milk Themed Kit Kat Cake

4 – Cats in Milk

Do cats like cake? Well, I don’t know, but what I do know is this cats bathing in milk themed Kit-Kat cake is amazing! I love that they have done one swimming in it as well.

Top 10 Themed Kit Kat Cakes
Duck Pond Themed Kit Kat Cake

3 – Duck Pond

With fondant vines and ducks this looks just like the perfect duck pond. Worthy of an extra nod is the ripple images coming away from the ducks, this is true cake art.

Top 10 Themed Kit Kat Cakes
Teddies at the Beach Themed Kit Kat Cake

2 – Beach Party Theme

Even teddy bears need a break now and again, so what better way to do it that on a giant kit kat cake beach scene. The teddies in the rubber ring gummy sweets are the best!

Top 10 Themed Kit Kat Cakes
Donkey Kong Themed Kit Kat Cake

1 – Donkey Kong

Yes the nerd in me wins yet again. This simple designed Donkey Kong cake is one of the best I have seen. Provided you have a pre-made Donkey Kong the rest is fairly simple.

Which one did you like?

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