Ten of The Worlds Best Places To Go Scuba Diving

Ten of The Worlds Best Places To Go Scuba Diving

Scuba diving is one of the most famous water sports in the world and if you are also one of those people who are all about exploring the ocean, you must have a list or two of the best diving sites. In case, you miss the best places to go scuba diving, we have made a list for you. So before you set off on that scuba diving holiday you might want to read this post…

1. Indonesia

Indonesia is made up of thousands of volcanic islands which naturally makes it a paradise for ocean lovers and adventure travellers. You will find a range of diving sites here including in the Gili islands, Lembongan and Liberty Wreck in Bali. Komodo, Alor and Lembeh in Sulawesi are other great diving sites in Indonesia. But the most famous site for diving in Indonesia is Cape Kri in Raja Ampat. You will see coral gardens here like never before with great marine life including Manta Rays, Sharks, Barracudas and giant trevallies and a record of 374 different species of fish.

2. Malaysia

Two famous regions among divers in Malaysia are Mabul Island and Sipadan Island. Among these two Barracuda Point in Sipadan Island is considered to be the best by many divers. It has a wall of coral where sharks come cruising by and barracuda will surround you. The 800 meters drop-off and occasional strong currents make it a perfect diving site. Apart from Barracuda, it is also home to a broadly diverse sea life with Sea Turtles, Buffalo Fish, Coconut Crab, white tips, jacks, bumphead, grouper, and parrotfish.

3. Micronesia

Blue Corner Wall in Palau is a popular destination among experienced divers. If you are looking for a little challenge, this spot with strong currents can be a perfect diving spot for you. It offers a perfect opportunity to experience diverse marine life and you can also see sharks. Another popular region among divers in Micronesia is Yap Island.

4. The Egyptian Red Sea

No diving list would be complete without the Egyptian Red Sea. Here you will find three of the top hotspot for divers, Thistlegorm, Shark & Yolanda Reef and Big Brother. Laying at a max depth of 29 meters, the Cargo shipwreck filled with motorbikes, train carriages and trucks is what makes Thistlegorm famous. It is a popular site for a night dive and you can also encounter giant moray eels. Rich in anemones, Shark Reef is a mixture of drop-off and shipwreck. Big Brother is a bit more dangerous with the wild and unpredictable current. You need the experience to dive here. You can also try the Blue Hole in Dahab one of the most dangerous diving spots, dive from the El Bells to the Blue Hole.

Ten of The Worlds Best Places To Go Scuba Diving

5. Australia

Great Barrier Reef is the world’s largest coral reef system with 900 islands and over 2,900 unique reefs. Cod Hole is a famous diving spot in the Great Barrier Reef quite like North Horn. You can observe Potato Groupers, Whitetip Reef Sharks and Napoleon fishes. Visibility makes it an ideal place for underwater photography. In Queensland, you will find The Yongala, 109 metres wreck a perfect place for wreck diving. Manta Rays, Tiger Sharks, Bull Sharks, Turtles and incredible coral formations make this place quite popular. You can also try the famous Navy Pier another great diving spot located in Western Australia.

6. Belize

The giant marine sinkhole off the coast of Belize, the Great Blue Hole has become quite famous among divers. This incredible hole is 143 meters deep and home to plenty of mako and sharks. The clear water offers great visibility. Edged with coral reefs, the best time to dive is between April to June.

7. Hawaii

Manta Ray Night Dive in Kailua Kona, Hawaii should be on your list if you want to experience something different. Currents here can be wild at times, you’ll have close encounters with the large Manta rays and an incredible experience if you find a good day for your dive. The manta rays are attracted by plankton which is attracted by the lights set into the ocean floor.

8. Thailand

Thailand has a number of great diving spots from Phuket to the Similan Islands, and the Surin Islands. The most famous spot is Richelieu Rock which is known as one of the best diving sites in Asia. Koh Tao is home to tropical coral reefs, whale sharks and rays and hawksbill and green turtles and Similans National Park. The Similan national park is another great region in Thailand for ocean lovers.

Ten of The Worlds Best Places To Go Scuba Diving

9. Philippines

The Philippines is an archipelagic country that consists of about 7,641 islands, no surprise it’s one of the favourites among divers. Boracay island is the most famous among all the regions in the Philippines for diving. Eels clownfish and other marine species, as well as abundant reef systems, are what make Boracay famous. Puerto Galera and Malapascua are other regions in the Philippines that are great for diving.

10. Maldives

Composed of 26 atolls, which are made up of more than 1,000 coral islands, Maldives is one of the best places for diving. With an abundant underwater world of manta rays, bull sharks, parrot fish, sea turtles and a colourful world of corals, Maldives has a number of diving spots, Maaya Thila being the most famous of them. You might see small white tips circling the reef.

Have you ever been scuba diving? If you have where did you do it? Do let us know in the comments below.

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