Ten of The Very Best Places To See While In Thailand

Thailand is known for its majestic temple and the land where elephants are used as common transportation. There are so many things that we ought to witness in this country. The Buddha temple and the floating market are just one of the emblems of Thailand. If you are planning to visit this country, I have listed here the 10 must-see places while you are visiting Thailand…


10 – Pha-Taem

The national park of the province is one of its tourist spots for foreigners. It has the forest of Dipterocarp which makes it very popular in the country. The forest is filled with wide-spread arts on the rock that are located in the cliffs over the River of Mekong. According to the natives, the art is about 3 centuries old. The provincial park has various species of rock mushrooms and even the biggest field of flowers in the country.

Ubon Ratchathani

9 – Ubon Ratchathani

The Ubon Ratchathani is the best place in Thailand that has the most decent Thai ladies. The visitors are rarely visiting the place so they get the best special treatment in terms of hospitality. It is located in the northeast part of Changwat province in the country. From the capital city of Thailand, you will reach the place by travelling on land for almost 600 kilometres. It is the boundaries of 3 various countries including Thailand, Cambodia and Laos. It is called as the Triangle of Emeralds which is different from the Triangle of Gold in the northern part of the country. The term Emerald is conferring to the existing forests with large complete monsoons. Another ecotourism spot of the province is the Namtok Saeng Chan. It is a waterfall for about 1 kilometre from the waterfall of Thung Na Muang.

Phang Nga

8 – Phang Nga

The 8th destination is Phangna. It is situated above the Phuket province. The natives are providing a river cruise that will let their visitor to enjoy the scenery of Phangna. For cave explorers, the place can offer so much variety of natural caves that has flowing water in it. You can even enjoy kayaking in this superb natural park that is filled with various cliffs. The sea of Andaman can add up to this marvelous experience. At the tip of the sea lies the south province of Changwat. It is situated at the western part of the Peninsula of Malay and the several islets of Phangnga bay. The most popular island is what they termed as the Island of James Bond. It is an island full of limestone lying in. The place was used as the venue of the movie of James Bond in 1974. The national park of Ao Phang-Nga was built on 1981. It aims to guard other several islands. For divers, the best spot is in the Island of Similan which is part of the province.

Krabi Railay Beach

7 – Krabi Railay Beach

The temple cave of the tiger near the town of Krabi is the most popular spot that took the 7th place in the list. Some of the must-visit spots in this town are the Ao nang, National Park of Ko Phi Phi and its fascinating island. The islets of lanta and Ko lanta and others are the most suitable place for most adventurers such as the snorkelers, yachtsmen, divers, and other tourist from the province of Phuket. One of the most popular diving sites in the country is in the national park of Ko Lanta. It has various coral islands that can offer best sceneries to the tourist. The land of the gipsies from the sea or Chao Le stays in one the biggest island, Ko Lanta Yai. They are famous for having large volume of marine products.

Ko Chang

6 – Ko Chang

The 6th destination is in the Thailand Gulf situated at the eastern board of the sea. If you want to travel to Ko Chang, you need to travel approximately 310 kilometres from its capital city. It is known to be the 3rd biggest island in Thailand and biggest island in the archipelago of National park in Mu Ku Chang. The place was named from the elephant because of its geographical shape. This is a mountainous islet and having the highest mountain called the Khao Salak Phet. Its exact height is about 743 meters.

Koh Tao

5 – Koh Tao

Having fun with the marine creatures? Then the next destination is full of surprising diving experiences. The Ko Tao is approximately 21 square kilometres. Along the district of Amphoe under the Province of Surat Tani, Koh Tao is very popular for its scuba diving spots and it is their primary economic source.

Koh Phangnan

4 – Ko Pha ngan

Thailand is not only famous for its natural ecotourism spot but it is the popular destination for full moon celebrations. The 4th destination is the Ko Pha ngan which is located at the Thailand’s Gulf in the southeast part of the country. The Beach in Haad Rin is the best tourist spot to celebrate the party. It has twin islands namely the islet of Koh Samui in the southern part and the Koh Tao located at the northern part.

Ko Samui

3 – Ko Samui:

The 3rd destination is in Ko Samui. It is ideal to stay here during off-peak season. If you stay here, you will surely enjoy the sunset view while chilling with its best cocktail drinks. This is the best place to burst out your stress and anxiety. The best spot for honeymooners and pleasure seekers.

Suan Mokkh

2 – Suan Mokkh

The runner up for the best spot is the land of Suan Mokkh. If you are inclined to Thailand’s culture and religious aspects, then this is the place to be. It has a temple for Buddhists at Chaiya. If you want to know more about Buddhism then you should add this in your list too.

Patong Beach, Phuket

1 – Patong Beach, Phuket

The top in the list is the town of Phuket. All things in one place, from the modernization of infrastructure to the scenic attraction of beaches, parks and other island hopping activities are here. The price is very reasonable though it is considered as the place in Thailand with the highest cost of living. You were not in Thailand if you haven’t been here.

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