Top 10 Best Places In The World To See In New Years

From award-winning firework shows to parties that keep the whole city awake. These are the ten best places in the entire world to see in the new year along with the reasons they made the list…



Top 10 Best Places In The World To See In New Years
Sydney New Year’s Celebration

10 – Sydney

Why not see in the New Year watching the Sydney Harbour Bridge explode in a rainbow of colour and sparks.

Hong Kong New Year’s Celebration

9 – Hong Kong

It might not be one of the first places people think of spending New Year, but Hong Kong hosts a very impressive fireworks show as well as all night parties and events to keep everyone entertained.

Howland Island New Year’s Celebration

8 – Howland Island

There might not be much to see or do on Howland Island and even the New Years fireworks are pale in comparison to many of the destinations you will see on the list, but you will be on the Island that is the last in the World to see in the New year, a whole 26hrs behind the first one. Try and work those timezones out! This is the perfect place for people who will be sad to see the year end after having such a good one.

Las Vegas New Year’s Celebration

7 – Las Vegas

There is no gamble involved in spending New Years in Las Vegas because they party like it’s 1999 every year!

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Paris New Year’s Celebration

6 – Paris

You will fall in love with the city of love if you spend New Years there, the whole city seems to turn into a giant dance floor.

Madeira New Year’s Celebration

5 – Madeira

All of Portugal know how to party, but in Madeira, there is a sense of classic and tradition about it. Nothing too over the top here, just a good old celebration that won’t go on too long.

Christmas Island New Year’s Celebration

4 – Christmas Island

Don’t go to Kiritimati (Christmas Island) for the fireworks, go for the Kudos of seeing in the New Year before anyone else in the world!

Walt Disney World (Epcot) New Year’s Celebration

3 – Walt Disney World (Epcot)

For Mickey Mouse and friends every day is a party, but in the Epcot centre, New Years is one of the biggest.

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London New Year’s Celebration

2 – London

Join over a million people as they line the streets and paths of the Thames to watch the London Eye turned into the world’s largest Catherine wheel.

New York City New Year’s Celebration

1 – New York City

Over 95% of all accommodation is booked as far as 10 years in advance and it is often found on people’s bucket lists. Seeing in New Years in New York is often described as a once in a lifetime event. So why not book now for the 2027 celebrations!

Author: Gus Barge

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