Ten Animal Themed Fireworks That You Will Want to Light

Here in the UK, it is Guy Fawkes Night and most of us will be letting off fireworks at some point in the night. Sadly this night it a very stressful time for many animals that have acute hearing so keep them indoors and make them feel as safe as possible. Then you can go outside and let off one of these rather odd fireworks…


Top 10 Animal Themed Fireworks
Peacock Palette Firework

10 – Peacock

This multi-shot firework is probably just as nice looking as a real peacock. I just hope that it sprays put like a peacock bloom rather than single shots. But I get the feeling I will be very disappointed.

Top 10 Animal Themed Fireworks
Cat Fight Firework

9 – Cat

When cats fight it can make a rather scream like noise, but does it make the same as a multi-shot box of fireworks going off? Well, this fireworks manufacturer seems to think so. I just hope all the real cats and tucked up inside houses when this screamer goes off.

Top 10 Animal Themed Fireworks
Horseshoe Crab Firework

8 – Horseshoe Crab

I think this sounds like the most deadly firework I have ever heard! The description at the bottom of the fireworks box reads: “Spins on the ground, and emits flames and sparks!” If that doesn’t sound like a crab worth running from then I don’t know what is!

Top 10 Animal Themed Fireworks
Haunted Fish Firework

7 – Fish

Those of you that have been reading my rubbish for a while now will remember this from my post “Top 10 Funny and Unusual Firework Names” and while it is fish by name there is nothing fish themed or styled about it. Unless there is a fish out there that shoots flaming balls from its mouth!

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Top 10 Animal Themed Fireworks
Bump Bear Firework

6 – Bear

This is the Winda Bump Bear firework and probably has one of the silliest names you are going to see in this list. It is a fire flame firework and shoots flaming fireballs and reports. Sounds just like a bear to me!

Top 10 Animal Themed Fireworks
Hen and Chicken Themed Fireworks

5 – Hen and Chicken

I am not so sure that a hen laying eggs is anything like a “shower of sparks” as it says on the box like some sort of sparkler, or that a cockerel crowing at dawn is like a “shower of sparks” either, but that is what they both are. I think these are very odd indeed.

Top 10 Animal Themed Fireworks
Killer Bees Fireworks

4 – Killer Bees

Not just beautiful honey bees, these are the deadly killer bees and they are hopeful not coming after you. If they do come in your direction I think the old Drop ‘N’ Roll technique is best. Let’s just hope they are a little louder than a buzzing bee.

Top 10 Animal Themed Fireworks
Giant Octopus Firework

3 – Giant Octopus

I am an avid fan of most B-Movie films. I would rather sit down and watch Mega Shark VS Giant Octopus any day of the week than a Hollywood blockbuster. But would Giant Octopus win if he was had multi-shot fireworks on the end of his tentacles!? I think he just might.

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Top 10 Animal Themed Fireworks
Black Cobra Snakes Fireworks

2 – Snakes

I am sure that most of have seen one of these “Cobras” in action. It is more like a black worm than a snake, but the effect is the same I suppose and who on earth is going to buy a firework call Black Worm? Well, maybe the people that buy the number 1 silly firework would…

Top 10 Animal Themed Fireworks
Pooping Dog Firework

1 – Dog

You know what would look more magical than a super large explosion of light and sound? Well, maybe it is a pooping dog! Serious this is one of the top-selling fireworks in the world and it basically the same thing as number 2 only sideways. If you want a weird firework that will gross your parents out this is the one for you.

Author: Gus Barge

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