Ten Amazing Heart Shaped Lakes You’ll Fall in Love With

To be honest it is hard to tell these days if an image is photoshopped or real. So while I would like to present to you ten natural heart-shaped lakes I can not be for certain that they are real or not man-made. But love is in the air and real of not, all these ten lakes are perfect Valentine’s day retreats…


Top 10 Amazing Heart Shaped Lakes
Portugal Heart-Shaped Lake

10 – Portugal

I do have to wonder how big a puddle has to be before it becomes a lake, but call it what you like, there is no denying its Valentines themed shape.

Top 10 Amazing Heart Shaped Lakes
Alps valley Heart-Shaped Lake

9 – Alps

Located in the stunning Alps is this small beautiful lake, located within a much large and even more beautiful location. This would be enough to make anyone’s heart melt.

Top 10 Amazing Heart Shaped Lakes
Switzerland Heart-Shaped Lake

8 – Switzerland

Located in Switzerland this lake called “Lago del Cuore” looks like a quarry, but it really is a natural forming lake as much as I can tell anyway. But as with all these lakes, I would imagine an angle of view is really important.

Top 10 Amazing Heart Shaped Lakes
Lac Du Montagnon, France Heart-Shaped Lake

7 – France

This lake is called “Lac Du Montagnon” and is located in the French Alps. It seems height is a feature that many of the locations you see here share.

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Top 10 Amazing Heart Shaped Lakes
Chembra Peak, India Heart-Shaped Lake

6 – India

Chembra Peak is once again located 2,100 metres above sea level! I was hoping to see one of these myself, but I will need to get some serious hiking skills behind me first.

Top 10 Amazing Heart Shaped Lakes
Ompah, Ontario Heart-Shaped Lake

5 – Ontario

Now I know this lake is real for sure. Not because I have been there, but you can see it quite clearly on Google Maps!

Top 10 Amazing Heart Shaped Lakes
Coeur de Voh, New Caledonia Heart-Shaped Lake

4 – New Caledonia

Once again you can visit the link and see this lake for yourself in Google Maps, but it looks like the trees or whatever else was growing in the lake has taken the lake over and it is almost invisible now. But still worth a look I say.

Top 10 Amazing Heart Shaped Lakes
Arctic Heart-shaped Lake

3 – Arctic

Sadly the way the ice caps freeze and melt the chances are good that this natural forming lake is long gone. But the crystal clear glacier water makes it look amazing.

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Top 10 Amazing Heart Shaped Lakes
Shimshal Lake, Hunza Valley Heart-Shaped Lake

2 – Hunza Valley

Shimshal Lake is once again a glacier lake and has probably looked the same way for thousands of years. Taking a loved one here would be a real trek, but it would be worth it for this view.

Top 10 Amazing Heart Shaped Lakes
Lago di Scanno, Italy Heart-Shaped Lake

1 – Italy Heart

Maybe because it is cold outside as I type this blog, and I always think winter makes everything look even more amazing. This is Lago di Scanno in Italy and for me, it was the most beautiful heart shaped lake I managed to find. But I would love to hear from the ones you found or have seen yourself as well.

Author: Gus Barge

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