Top 10 Crazy And Unusual Clock Towers

Today while I was on a road trip to London I was looking up at Big Ben (although Big Ben is the nickname for the Great Bell inside of the clock) but it got me wondering what other amazing clock towers there are. I did indeed find some amazing ones, but also some of the world’s most unusual ones…



Top 10 Crazy And Unusual Clock Towers
Big Ben Clock Tower

10 – Ben O’Clock

I couldn’t leave out Big Ben. In fact, that is the name of the bell inside of it. The towers name is the Elizabeth Tower, renamed to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee of Elizabeth II

Thai Mouth Organ Clock Tower

9 – Musical O’Clock

This impressive sculpture is shaped to look like a mouth organ, while the wind doesn’t play it, it still looks amazing.

Water Clock Tower

8 – Splash O’Clock

Created by Tim Hunkin and Will Jackson, this clock shows how we recycle water, but the clock itself is powered by electricity. But still well worth visiting if ever you are on Suffolk pier.

Zimmer Clock Tower

7 – Time O’Clock

Consisting of 12 clocks each encircling a central one, and 57 dials. Each clock shows a different time on each of the continents, the phases of the moons and times of tides!

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Tower of the Winds

6 – Blow O’Clock

This is officially the oldest clock tower in the world. The Tower of the Winds in Athens features eight sundials each one capable of showing the time at the given time of day. No sign of a digital display at all then.

Sun Clock Tower

5 – Hot O’Clock

Located in front of Nakano Sun Plaza in Tokyo. This Automaton clock has four sun clock faces that flip around with loads of figures playing musical instruments.

Makkah Royal Clock Tower

4 – High O’Clock

Not only the highest clock tower in the world, but it is also the world’s largest clock face! It makes Big Ben looks like a wristwatch!

Napa Valley Clock Tower

3 – Kerplunk O’Clock

I think this rather strange pick-up sticks style clock looks very interesting, but apparently, the residents of Napa Valley hated it and have since torn it down. The problem is everyone checks their phone for the time these days.

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Clocks, Clock Tower

2 – Clock O’Clock

You might think it is almost impossible to know which time is right, in fact, they all show the same time, just at different angles.

McDonald’s Clock Tower

1 – Burger O’Clock

Not only is this a McDonald’s theme clock tower it also has a giant burger-themed cuckoo inside of it that pops out every hour! Let’s hope they make those burgers a little quicker than that.

Author: Gus Barge

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