Ten Amazing Garden Paths That Would Make Any Neighbour Jealous

My own garden path is something that I need to fix. You see I once tried to put down a patio with rather a disastrous effect. So now I have a lumpy, bumpy, miss-match of a path that I need to start from scratch again. But while looking for ideas I come across some rather amazing paths and you can check out this page if you’re looking for homes that have such garden paths, but for now, maybe some of these images will give you some amazing ideas for your own paths…



Garden path made of pebbles
Garden path made of pebbles

10 – The stones lead the way

this idea of using rather random shaped pebbles is not so bad at all. Simple to do and it looks great. The only downside I can think of is that it might well still be rather bumpy.

Garden path made with small floor tiles

9 – The inside out path!

These paths made with indoor floor tiles look nothing short of amazing, but due to the tiny tiles they are made with, it might well look great, but would take far too long to do by myself.

Garden path made to look like a piano

8 – Walk the path of Wolfgang.

If could play anything on a piano this would have the be the garden path for me. With the concrete slabs arranged to look like piano keys, it is a real eye-opener and a great design.

Garden path made of painted slabs

7 – The loudest path in the World!

I have always wanted to make a garden path with ultra-loud colours just to see what it would look like. Seems it looks rather beautiful indeed and a great idea.

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Garden path made of glowing stones

6 – Light the path ahead?

Ever wanted to have a glow in the dark path? Well, all you need is a normal path, and some Rust-Oleum glow in the dark bright green, blue or white spray paint! Just go over the area you want to glow in the dark with the spray. This idea for me has real potential.

Garden path made of mosaic tiles

5 – When I asked if you could lay tiles, this is not quite what I meant!

This path made from old bathroom tiles look amazing and because it uses whole tiles (unlike number 1) it would cost a fair bit to make this, but I might well give it a go.

Garden path made of old bottles

4 – Walking to the bottle bank.

I do like the idea of a garden walkway made of bottles, but I think it wouldn’t be any good for kids, and might well be rather slippery when it rained. But it does look amazing!

Garden path made of sliced wood

3 – Woodland walk

Using sliced bits of wood for a path makes it look incredible and is fantastic recycling. But wouldn’t the wood breakup in the ground, and also be rather slippery when wet?!?

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Garden path made of mosaic pebbles

2 – The waves of the sea.

Sure this pebble mosaic path would take forever to make, but boy would it be worth it. With simple coloured pebbles and a sort of sea wave effect, it looks simply stunning.

Garden path made of broken tiles

1 –  The path of pieces

This path made from broken tiles does make for a rather beautiful mosaic effect and also adds a nice touch of colour to something that would otherwise be rather plain.

Author: Gus Barge

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