In a tight economy finding ways to get by at a manageable price is an important aspect to consider. Whether it is choosing a place to rent, or spending money for entertainment, or even your mode of travel, everything has an associated cost, and where you can save, why wouldn’t you? Cars have a practical value to them and finding the one most affordable and suitable to your lifestyle can make other decisions in your life that much easier…


Ten of the Worlds Most Affordable Family Cars


10. Ford Fiesta

The price begins around £8,500 and includes all that you would expect from a new compact vehicle. It has an automatic transmission option which is a six-speed twin-clutch and is great on the fuel economy.

Smart ForTwo Pure

Smart ForTwo Pure

9. Smart ForTwo Pure

Priced around £8,500; Smart cars are becoming more acceptable. It has an automatic transmission, has roomy seating for 2, and a rather spacious boot.

8. Chevrolet Spark LS

Priced around £8,500 it has power windows, alloy wheels, and an automatic transmission for those uncomfortable with a stick shift. It’s not a large car making it easy to manoeuvre.

7. Nissan Versa 1.6S

Priced around £8,500; It makes a great family car. It comes with power windows, an automatic transmission, navigation, and alloy wheels. It covers all the bases for a minimum expense.

6. Chevrolet Sonic LS

Priced around £9,800 it comes with a 1.8-litre engine and comes with alloy wheels, air conditioning, ten airbags ensuring maximum protection, and comes with the tag ‘Made in the USA’.

5. Kia Rio LX

Priced around £9,153. For a small addition to price, this can be made into a hatchback. It comes with a fuel-efficient engine and automatic transmission and has a very sleek look for an inexpensive car.

Kia Soul Base

Kia Soul Base

4. Kia Soul Base

Priced around £9,800, it has power everything and definitely proves to be a reliable car for all types of people. A little higher in price than the models listed above, but certainly worth paying that bit extra.

3. Hyundai Accent GLS

Priced around £9,800, it has an automatic transmission, an air conditioner, and offers a comfortable amount of space to drive with maximum comfort.

Toyota Yaris L

Toyota Yaris L

2. Toyota Yaris L

Priced at £9,800 it has a great reputation for its reliability. It has air conditioning and 9 airbags. It isn’t the deal it once was, but at the price, it’s still not bad for the money you spend on it.

Mazda2 Sport

Mazda2 Sport

1. Mazda2 Sport

Priced at £10,134 the interior is very well put together and offers a smooth ride that is quiet and peaceful for an entry-level car. It’s a great size to manoeuvre for parking and comes with power windows, mirrors, locks, and air conditioning. It’s a very comfortable car overall.

Which one did you like?

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