Ten Amazing Inflatable Things You Won’t Want to Pop

Now if ever there was a subject matter that brings back memories for me it is bouncy castles. But not because of all the fun times I had on them because I hated them! I was always too small as a kid and got bounced around like a pinball! So I am looking for some other sorts of inflatables that I can have fun with. And what I found is rather unusual…



inflatable trampoline bridge
inflatable trampoline bridge

10 – Bridge Over Bouncy Waters

Need to get from one side of a river to the other but find bridges a little boring? Then why not take a bounce on the world’s only inflatable trampoline bridge in Paris!

Jeremy Deller’s inflatable Stonehenge

9 – PVC coated polyester henge?!?

Did you know that they were made from PVC because I didn’t! Anyway, this rather awesome looking Stonehenge is, in fact, one of the world’s largest inflatables! Sure to bring a smile to even my face and best of all it is touring the UK so we all get a chance to see it!

Inflatable Twister

8 – Spin em, Twist em, Pop em!

I can not be the only one who thinks this will be so much fun I would puke! Well, even if I am the only one, it is my top 10, of course, a giant inflatable game of twister is sure to be a winner.

World’s Largest Inflatable Superyacht Water Slide

7 – Super Yacht not included.

What better to attach to your superyacht than a 41-foot long slide that weighs 1,850 kg and requires 45 days to build! Stuff it, I thank I might even get 2 of them!!!

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Amazing Inflatable Water Park

6 –  Fun with a floater

Now that is what you call a poolside inflatable! They are from wibitsports.com, custom made to fit whatever size pool you have and with an almost unlimited amount of combinations, they really are amazing.

The Hogshead Inflatable Pub

5 – Kids bounce on bouncy castles while dads drink in them!

Now, this is what I call an inflatable! These rather impressive Inflatable village pubs are available for hire and buy and would be a great thing to have in any village fete or event.

16-Foot Inflatable Movie Screen

4 – Fancy some popcorn to go with your pop-up TV?

Now, this is officially cool, these inflatable movie screens can go up to an eye-popping 40 foot in size!!! Perfect for parties, events or maybe just an outlandish BBQ, they are well worth hiring out and far cheaper than a normal one!

Gigantic Inflatable Climbing Iceberg

3 – If only the Titanic had hit this instead!

For this one we go back to Hammacher Schlemmer (who made number 8) while this is rather odd, I couldn’t help but be impressed by it. It can support up to 1,500 lb and up to eight people at once!

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Mini Inflatables

2 – “Hard to starboard captain, Mini at 4 o’clock!”

Now, these are what I call a win! To promote a topless mini a design company come up with the idea of having inflatable Mini’s for poolside and beach fun, but here is the big news: A company is due to start making these for real, and as soon as they do I will add all the info I can right here. So watch this space because I for one would love one.

Inflatable church

1 – The Bouncy House of God?!?

They don’t get any more “alternative” than this! The rather impressive inflatable church you see is for hire and is 12 meters high and 7 meters by 5 meters inside. The main idea behind it is coupled can get married wherever their hearts desire, and for that, I just had to make in my number 1 for the sheer grandest of it.

Author: Gus Barge

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