10 Adventurous Tennessee Road Trips To Choose From

10 Adventurous Tennessee Road Trips To Choose From

The coronavirus pandemic prevented Americans from embarking on memorable adventures because of lockdowns and quarantines. However, these COVID-caused restrictions are being alleviated today. So, adventure enthusiasts should consider hitting the road once more in 2022 and choose Tennesse as their destination. Nothing beats driving around this state and marvelling at the glory of the Great Smokies! This summer, we suggest a Tennessee-bound escapade can help your dog-tired person de-stress and become relaxed. There are different road trips to choose from once you’re in the Volunteer State. Let’s describe some of these glorious pathways which you should travel whenever you’re ready for an adventure!

Tennessee road trips for travel enthusiasts

What comes to your mind when we talk about exploring the United States? Many would-be travellers can answer this question by naming Tennessee as the heartland of all-American adventures today. This state offers its beautiful landscapes and energetic populations to potential travellers. Steeped in music, magic, and civil rights history, Tennessee presents its wondersome road trips to folks thirsting at the prospects of getting away from the monotony of a scheduled lifestyle. So, which road trips are there for travellers in the Volunteer State? Every adventurer wishes to get the most out of these getaways. So, we’re letting you in on some of the most popular and some of the most secretive road trips for your next TN trip:

1. The Great Smoky Mountain trail

Our first entry here’s the well-known Great Smoky Mountain trail that takes a person from Knoxville to the beautiful Wears Valley and relevant stops. You can always find accommodation in the areas of Gatlinburg, Sevierville, and Pigeon Forge. Just search for Wears Valley TN cabin rentals online, where you can book spacious manors, lodges, and even castles easily. From Gatlinburg, you can move on to Townsend, driving along the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. End the journey at the city of Maryville.

2. Natural Wonders trail

Next, we’ll discuss a road trip that passes along some of Tennessee’s most famous natural wonders that folks can witness. The road trip begins with Cherohala Skyway in the bosom of the glorious and majestic Nantahala National Forest. Going through Rock Island and Burgess Falls state parks, people can reach Twin Arches while driving for six hours straight. After you’re finished exploring the famous Great Smokies trail, give this one a chance. You should visit Lookout Mountain during this journey.

3. Screaming Eagle trail

Whenever we’re discussing Middle Tennessee tourism, we can’t neglect to mention the track of the Screaming Eagle. This eclectic 353-miles long track takes you through some of the most well-known locations in the Volunteer State, e.g., the Grand Ole Opry, Ryman Auditorium, and the amazing Bicentennial Capitol Mall State Park. You can explore the Dunbar caves and enjoy a drink at the well-known Beachaven Winery. Feast your eyes by looking at the small towns constructed in the 1800s.

4. Cotton Junction trail

This 32-miles long road trip takes you through some of the most iconic places in Tennessee. Located in the western regions of the Volunteer State, this track gets its name from the well-known fields of cotton that beautify the region in early fall. Some of the road trip highlights include Gus’ Fried Chicken, Cypress Grove Nature Park, and Memphis Rock-n-Soul Museum, among others. Don’t forget to visit the Jackson/Brownsville area to pay homage to Civil Rights artefacts scattered in museums.

Tennessee Waterfalls trail

5. Tennessee Waterfalls trail

Tennessee’s waterfalls don’t deserve to be neglected and there are entire track adventurers people have come up with dedicated to these cascades. This amazing pathway starts from the known Cummins Fall, after which you can move on to the Burgess Falls State Park. The third stop on the way is the well-celebrated Falls Creek. Experts have described it as an “outdoorsy person’s mecca” where vacationers can arrive to swim in the summer. In the end, you should finish this trip at Twin Falls.

6. Pie in the Sky trail

Cornbread, Cumberland, Chattanooga; these three words describe why one must walk this trail. Pie in the Sky trail’s a 363-miles long track that takes you across some of the greatest monuments of our nation’s greatness. Visit the Fall Creek, enter the Dutch Maid Bakery, and explore Cumberland caves. The track receives its name from the legendary moon pies available to travellers journeying on this trail. Don’t forget to attend South Pittsburg’s Cornbread Festival to enjoy your adventure this summer.

7. Abandoned Spots trail

This road trip passes from Pigeon Forge as well but includes several forgotten locations people don’t visit nowadays. It’s one of those secretive pathways travellers must tread if they wish to explore the real America. Visit the State Prison, where you can observe the Stephen King-famous Green Mile and the largest treehouse in the country. Even though these locations are abandoned, a person can find solace in observing some of our national treasures. This road trip is for all those patriots out there.

8. Haunted Tennessee trail

Adventurers who cherish the supernatural should organize a getaway through the famous Haunted Tennessee track. Start your journey with the notorious Bell Witch Cave, which has a fair amount of folklore attached to it. It’s believed that this demonic presence harassed locals for years. The next stop’s a battlefield where people have seen apparitions walking alone at night. You should also explore the infamous Loretta Lynch Ranch, which is reportedly haunted during your journey.

9. The Jack trail

Any whiskey lovers out there? This track’s dedicated to all you fine alcohol fanatics who wish to pay respect to the world-famous Jack Daniel Distillery. Be sure you’ve got a designated driver to guide you guys through this drunken long-distance journey. After you’ve seen the historic landmark where Jack Daniel started brewing whiskey, take some time to visit Nashville’s Music Mile along with the Music Hall of Fame. These locations are worth your time during this 87-miles long adventure.

10. Covered Bridges trail

One shouldn’t neglect to visit Tennessee’s numerous covered bridges while journeying. We suggest adventurers commence the adventure at Pigeon Forge from the Harrisburg Covered Bridge. Erected in 1875, this bridge’s a piece of our country’s history. Then you can view the Bible Covered Bridge in the north, which resembles a red-coloured barn. Finish the journey at the 200-years old Elizabethton Covered Bridge. This white-painted bridge can serve as a deserving conclusion to your road trips.


When was the last time you went on a road trip? Statistics show that average Americans take seven road trips during their lifetime! In 2019, reports showed that one-third of people in our country haven’t taken a vacation in over two years. Now, it’s time for you to explore Tennessee road trips this year. So, which road trips present yourself to you in 2022? We’ve included road trips as well-known as The Great Smoky Mountain trail and as rarely-trodden as Abandoned Spots trail. Also, we’ve mentioned Cotton Junction, Screaming Eagle, and Tennessee Waterfall trails in this list. You can find a mention of Pie in the Sky along with Haunted Tennessee trails here too. Now, it’s up to you which road trip you prefer for a journey.

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