Top 10 Weird And Unusual Tourist Attractions In Belgium

They speak 2 languages (Dutch-speaking Flanders to the north and French-speaking Wallonia to the south) and the capital is Brussels. I am talking about Belgium and here are some great places to visit while in this art nouveau-influenced European quarter…



Dinner In The Sky, Brussels
Dinner In The Sky, Brussels

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Each day the 10 chefs treat 220 guests to a delicious lunch, only they are hanging 150ft off the ground! A word of warning, you have to book months in advance for this hanging restaurant.

Transparent church. Haspengouw

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When you combine a modern art project with a traditionally shaped chapel you end up with a see-through church!

Clock Carillon du Mont, Palace of Dynasty

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Located on the top of the Palais de la Dynastie this amazing clock has painted figurines that come out each and every hour. Each one represents a historical figure in Brussels history.

Le Toison d’Or, Brussels

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It’s not often you come across a building that features several golden balconies made from glass-fibre and reinforced concrete. But you can in Brussels!

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Tower of Eben-Ezer, Bassenge

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Built in the 1960s this amazing Tower of Eben-Ezer features all sorts of mystical measurements and magical creatures in its design.

Royal Greenhouses of Laeken, Bruxelles

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Heated greenhouses don’t come much more impressive than the one built for King Leopold II.

The Giant Clothespin, Chaudfontaine

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Clothespeg, clothespin call it what you like. But there is no denying that it is massive!

Hotel Casanus, Stekene

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Hotels don;t get any weirder than this one. This colossal muscle tube is often fully booked by tourists of the weird verity.

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Museum of Carrots, Raeren

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It might not be much more than a small window display, but any tour of the weird wouldn’t be without it!

Totem, Leuven

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Made by Belgian artist Jan Fabre this giant bug on a needle is a must-see if you are looking for the weirder things of life. Being set against the backdrop of the historic University Library only makes it stand out more!

Author: Gus Barge

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