Ten of the Very Best Online Casino Logos That Catch the Eye

One way to pick the range of online casinos is to use their logos- here are my top 10. Having struggled to differentiate between the offerings of the hundreds of online casinos for a number of years, I decided that the best way for me to choose would be to select my favourite logo. Perhaps I am a marketing man’s dream but I’m sure that I can’t be the only person seduced a slick, neat design or a splash of brightness, colour and fun. Anyway, here are my favourite ten…



High Noon Casino
High Noon Casino

10 – High Noon Casino

The High Noon Casino logo will appeal to fans of old Western movies. The logo brings to mind the sound of gunshots, stampeding horses and saloons with swing doors. The logo made me think of the drama of those old films and the high stakes shootouts involving the likes of John Wayne and Clint Eastwood- maybe if I joined the High Noon Casino I could experience that sort of excitement for myself?

Top 10 Online Casino Logos
Fairway Casino

9 – Fairway Casino

As a big golf fan, I couldn’t resist the Fairway Casino logo. The two golf clubs crossed over behind the shield at the top of the logo brought to mind the badges of some of the best and most exclusive golf clubs in the world and gave Fairway Casino a certain exclusivity of its own.

Top 10 Online Casino Logos
Slot Madness Casino

8 – Slot Madness Casino

Again, this logo is a favourite because of the red and white lettering on the black background. It stands out and looks classy, but the use of the casino chip as the letter ‘O’ really sets this logo apart. The positioning of the chip on its side makes you imagine that the chip is wobbling having been thrown across the table…possibly back to the croupier after a big win.

Top 10 Online Casino Logos
Manhattan Slots Casino

7 – Manhattan Slots Casino

The Manhattan Slots logo might not be to everyone’s taste but the legs and high heels used to make the ‘A’ shape really makes it stand out. The lettering and the fact that the casino is called ‘Manhattan’, also brings to mind ‘Sex and the City’ and the logo will surely appeal to fans of the show.

Top 10 Online Casino Logos
Lucky Red Casino

6 – Lucky Red Casino

It may be printed in red lettering but there is no shortage of Irish influence in the Lucky Red logo and the shamrock with the spade, club, heart and diamond making up the four leaves really makes you think that you could have the ‘luck of the Irish’ at Lucky Red.

Top 10 Online Casino Logos
Casino La Vida

5 – Casino La Vida

There is something almost James Bond-Like about the Casino LaVida logo. The way that ‘La Vida’ is emphasised beneath ‘Casino’ brings to mind the classic, cool 007 logos and makes you imagine Daniel Craig himself throwing his casino chips around the roulette table.

Top 10 Online Casino Logos
Casino Euro

4 – Casino Euro

Nothing says ‘Europe’ to me much more that the sight of stars on a blue background. Granted the European Union flag may have yellow stars but the white stars on the Casino Euro logo really evoke the togetherness and stability of the EU.

Top 10 Online Casino Logos
32Red Casino

3 – 32Red Casino

The number ‘32’ makes this logo stand out for me. The way that the number looks to have been pictured through a fisheye lens gives it the appearance of being printed on the side of a ball….a bingo ball or a national lottery ball maybe? Either way it brings back favourite childhood memories.

Top 10 Online Casino Logos
William Hill Casino

2 – William Hill Casino

This logo combines the classic ‘Hill’s’ logo with a contemporary lighter blue background and the word ‘casino’ in bold, bright letters. The logo puts across the reliability and dependability of William Hill Casino whilst taking the mind away from the image of dark, smoky high street betting shops.

Top 10 Online Casino Logos
Red Flush Casino

1 – Red Flush Casino

This logo really works for me because of its simple, red, white and black design. The tail running from the R right underneath the word ‘flush’ brings to mind Liz Hurley playing the world’s sexiest ever devil in ‘Bedazzled’ and the heart shape at the end of the tail conjures images of the ace of hearts in my mind.

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