Ten of the Very Best Online Slot Games Based on TV Shows

Once upon a time slot games were based on playing card characters or fruits, but these days they are based on movies or even our favourite TV shows. If you enjoy watching a lot of TV you will enjoy playing these online slot games as they are based on popular TV shows from the present and the past. Anyway, let’s stick some credits in play some fun online slots real money no deposit and give these ten slot games based on TV shows a spin…


Dallas Online Slot Game
Dallas Online Slot Game


This is not based on the newer versions of this once popular TV show, but the older, better version with Miss Ellie, Sue Ellen and Lucy. It will take you back to the golden days of this TV show and hopefully make you richer than J. R. Ewing.

Star Trek Online Slot Game

Star Trek

There are a few different Star-Trek slot games out there, but I prefer the slot game based on the classic, original TV series featuring Spock, Bones and of course Captain James T. Kirk. With phasers, communicators and a few mini-games based on the show, it is a little piece of gambling nostalgia (only played in a modern way).

Game of Thrones Online Slot Game

Game of Thrones

With the TV show coming to an end fans might enjoy spending some time playing this slot game with lots of things relating to the show itself from the Iron Throne to the house badges it is a battle of good vs evil and you can win with both.

Wheel of Fortune Online Slot Game

Wheel of Fortune

Out of all these TV show themed slot games I think this is my favourite. With the classic wheel and of course a Wheel of Fortune mini-game to play you almost feel like you are taking part in the show itself, only without the questions which makes things a little easier.

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The Love Boat Online Slot Game

The Love Boat

A lot of people reading this won’t remember this classic TV series, filled with great characters like Gavin MacLeod as Captain Merrill Stubing, Bernie Kopell as Dr. Adam “Doc” Bricker, ship’s physician and Fred Grandy as Burl “Gopher” Smith, yeoman purser. This slot games takes you back and turns those dreams of owning your own boat into a possibility. Or you could just sink.

The Simpsons Online Slot Game

The Simpsons

This has been a slot game as long as I can remember and I think it is still a classic. With its colourful graphics and fun mini-games, this is a great game to unwind with and hopefully win a little bit of cash so you can buy all those Simpsons Box Sets.

CSI: Slots Online Slot Game


Called CSI: Slots this is one of the newest slot games on this list and it is not bad at all. Filled with all sorts of scientific forensic win lines you won’t need to do a crime scene investigation to find out where all your gambling money went to.

24 Online Slot Game


The TV show might be long finished, but Jack Bauer (Kiefer Sutherland) is back and this time he has a lot longer than 24 to amuse you. With guns, police badges and a few action-filled mini-game this slot is almost as much fun as the TV show was!

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Family Guy Online Slot Game

Family Guy

This is another one of those adult cartoons that have been turned into a slot game and its bright colours and fun characters make it a joy to play. You can get win lines with Chris, Peter, Meg and Stewie as well as a few other things taken from this much-loved TV show.

Vikings Online Slot Game


While I haven’t watched much of this much-acclaimed TV show I still found the slot game to be a lot of fun and very much like the Game of Thrones one. But if you do enjoy this TV show more than I did you will soon recognise many of the characters and imagery that are taken from it.

Author: Gus Barge

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