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Top 10 Funny and Unusual Daleks

Top 10 Funny and Unusual Daleks

Having been raised by television, it is always hard to ask a child to realise it is not real. Yes! Believe it or not, the world of TV shows are all smoke and mirrors. And still till this day I will never forget seeing Doctor Who gets filmed near to where I was living at the time because I saw something that will remain with me forever. I saw a human climb out of a Dalek! I just wanted to believe that they were robots or something like that, not real people! But I am not alone in my ridicule of them as it seems other people also know the truth about this fictional extraterrestrial race of mutants and have decided to make them a laughingstock…

Top 10 Funny and Unusual Daleks


Top 10 Funny and Unusual Daleks

Royal Wedding Dalek

10 – Wills ‘n’ Kate! WILLS-N-KATE!

I can’t imagine that the Daleks would ever enjoy a royal wedding, but it seems Chris Balcombe ( a fellow Whovian) thinks so and that is why he made this rather silly looking Royal Wedding Dalek. Adding a splash of colour really makes a Dalek look daft.

Top 10 Funny and Unusual Daleks

Snow Dalek

9 – Your death sun will never kill me! EX-TER…MIN….help me.

What I liked about this one was that it was just so simple! A cup on a stick and a scarf! Best of all is that you can visit my post “Top 10 Unusual Scarves and Neck Warmers” and get that exact Tom Baker scarf!

Top 10 Funny and Unusual Daleks

Balloon Model Dalek

8 – Balloonerminate…BALLOON-ER-MIN-ATE

This Doctor Who Dalek balloon costume is  in fact rather creative and sure to get some heads turning at a fancy dress party. Made by Whovian Patricia Balloona it is not bad at all given the fact that she only had 4 months experience! True skills indeed.

Top 10 Funny and Unusual Daleks

Chocolate Dalek cake

7 – Snackmenate…SNACK-ME-ATE

Edible Daleks just don’t get any better than this awesome looking cake! Is this the tastiest looking cyborg ever made?!?

Top 10 Funny and Unusual Daleks

Egg Dalek

6 – Eggsterminate…EGGS-TER-MIN-ATE

Long term fans of my blog might well remember this painted egg dalek from my post “Top 10 Nerdy Painted Easter Eggs” and it is still a classic funny dalek just because of the egg jokes you can add to it.

Top 10 Funny and Unusual Daleks

Glass Dalek

5 – Blowmeout…BLOW-ME-OUT!!!

Why did that title tag sound so read when I read it back?!? Anyway, this hand-blown, glass Dalek is just pure awesomeness and well worth looking at, sadly not much is known about its maker Jonathan over on Anglotopia.net, but sadly I couldn’t find it.

Top 10 Funny and Unusual Daleks

Dalek Planter

4 – Germinate…GER-MIN-ATE!

On that dreadful day when I saw the man/actor climb out of a Dalek, it would not have been half as bad if I had seen it full of flowers! Then I might have thought that at least scary plants were taking over the world.

Top 10 Funny and Unusual Daleks

Dalek Christmas Tree

3 – Christminate…CHRIST-MIN-ATE!

It is a bit early (or a bit late) for this one, but for Christmas 2013 it is still a great idea and one that really doesn’t need a making guide because it is not that hard to work out how to make your own. Might even have to do this to my own tree!

Top 10 Funny and Unusual Daleks

Hula Dalek

2 – Hulate HULA-ATE!

I couldn’t find out anything about this hula-inspired dalek, but I brought a smile to my face the moment I saw it and that is what these images are supposed to do, so I included it.

Top 10 Funny and Unusual Daleks

Female Dalek

1 –Candinate CAN-DIN-ATE

Say hello to Dalek Candi.  It/she was created way back in August 2012 to raise money for Breast Cancer Awareness and even today you can still donate some nerdy money over at http://www.justgiving.com/DalekCandi Great idea, great charity and one Dalek that I still have much respect for.


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  2. elainecanham says:

    Reblogged this on Elaine Canham and commented:

    This just made me laugh. I particularly liked the dalek planter captioned ‘germinate!’.

  3. They are silly, but yet strangely cute as well.

  4. jenred94 says:

    Love the Royal Wedding Dalek!! lol

  5. It would be funny, imagine the look on peoples faces. I might have to try and build one oneday.

  6. Christmas Dalek – haha. Would love to have it, just to freak people out lol

  7. Good one Stephanie, I appreciate the updated info.

  8. Shane Rhodes says:

    Many thanks for your wonderful comments, Russell.

    I couldn’t have done it if I hadn’t met the wonderful people who make up Charity Sci-Fi, Charity Dalek Squad and The Exe-wing Fundraisers, as they helped support me through a family crisis 2 years ago, and encouraged me to continue with Building Candi.

    It wouldn’t be fair for me to take all the credit for the fundraising, as
    It’s with these three charity Costume groups that I go around the UK, Mainly in the Southwest, doing my charity work and help raising money for many causes.

    So they deserve as much Credit as I do too. :)

  9. Thank you Shane, you are indeed a wonderful person to give up so much of your time to such a great cause, and Candi’s Facebook link is attached to the image, so when people click on it they are transported to it. Great cause, amazing Dalek and yourself a wonderful person.

  10. Shane Rhodes says:

    Great to see my Dalek, (Candi) is Number 1… I’ve only just had this “Top Ten” brought to my attention.
    Candi is now over a year old and has her own Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pink.dalekcandi?ref=hl

    She’s helped to raise an incredible amount of money for Charity in her first year, and not just for Breast Cancer, her Primary cause (Hence the pink) she’s an absolute pleasure to operate and get requested by name to many events now, as she’s a crowd puller.

    I’m totally over whelmed by her success, as I never thought she’d become so popular as I was building her. But I’m glad she’s popular, as she’s making people more aware of Breast Cancer, which is what she was built to do :)

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