Top 10 Creative and Unusual Bunk Beds

For me, the excitement of seeing my first ever bunk bed was a joyous moment. Maybe it is because I grew up a single child and never got to see one, or maybe I just really do find bunk beds a lot of fun. But today I wanted to try to find out just what is the very best of these types of beds so I thought I would bring you…

Top 10 Creative and Unusual Bunk Beds

Mimondo Designed Bunk Bed
Mimondo Designed Bunk Bed

10 – Clean, Modern living.

This rather futurist looking bunk bed is from Mimondo and has a great, fresh look to it. I am sure it will cost the earth to own, but it does bring a fresh new look to the World of bunk beds.

Jeep Truck Twin Bunk Bed With Toy Chest In Front
Jeep Truck Twin Bunk Bed With Toy Chest In Front

9 – Under Cover Driving

Now, this brings a smile to the face, using simple covers and basic framework to bring you something that really does stand out from the crowd.

Water wheel Bunk Bed
Water wheel Bunk Bed

8 – Don’t wet the bed!

This amazing water wheel bunk bed is just a pure joy to look at. Seen at Mt. Olympus Resort, Wisconsin, the USA it fits perfectly with the water park theme, but it would look great anywhere it was placed. And before anyone asks no it was never a real water wheel.

Tractor Bunk Bed
Tractor Bunk Bed

7 – Bedtime for little farmers

While this bed is once again a unique build it is not to complicate to replicate, but will require a high level of DIY and craft skill. Either way you look at it this is a great design and simple build that would make any budding little farmer more than happy to go to sleep.

Sofa that transforms into a set of bunk beds
Sofa that transforms into a set of bunk beds

6 – Seat to Bed in 10 easy moves

This cool transforming sofa was first seen in my post ” Top 10 Unusual Sofas” as was liked by a lot of people. And while it does have a cool transforming function to make in back into a sofa, it is a rather boring looking bunk bed, just a very creative & space-saving one.

Fold Away Bunk Bed
Fold Away Bunk Bed

5 – The ultimate Space Saver

Space saving ideas do not get any better than this, what you are looking at is the World’s only fold away set of bunk beds! Not only is it a good idea but also rather stylish too.

Bunk Bed with Tree Ladder
Bunk Bed with Tree Ladder

4 – Tree-mendous Fun!

Made by AKSL arhitekti from Slovenia this rather impressive tree trunk ladder bunk bed is the perfect combination of modern looks, creative design and the ladder does indeed add an element of fantasy about it. Well, if I was 5 I would love it. (still do!)

Double Decker Bus Bunk Bed
Double Decker Bus Bunk Bed

3 – Ding, ding, all aboard for sleepy town!

This rather clever use of the London Double Decker bus design just brings a smile to the face. Made by ‘Bedtime Bedz’ in Chester it is well worth looking up if your little one loves buses even half as much as I did.

Double sided, Double bunk bed design
Double sided, Double bunk bed design

2 – Double the price, double the beds!

This designer made marine bedroom is done by ‘House of Turquoise’ and is just pure class. With not one set, but 2 sets of bunk beds sharing a single ladder it not only saves space but is in fact rather amazing just to look at as well.

VW Bunk Beds
VW Bunk Beds

1 – Indoor Camping at its very best!

This incredible bunk bed was made for a Volkswagen loving 2-year-old and is nothing but pure class. It is just a shame you can’t buy them.

133 thoughts on “Top 10 Creative and Unusual Bunk Beds”

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  3. I remember visiting my girlfriend in grade school who had to share a bedroom with three other sisters (yikes), and they had TWO sets of bunk beds in that room and not much else. At the time I thought it was cool, where as she was amazed by me having a room all to myself.

  4. Have you been going through my pinterest account? I seriously was about to blog about this very topic including two of the designs (though, in my case, it was about us transforming my children’s bunks into such things. Hmmm. I guess I could send people over here for some more ideas.

  5. Yes, #2 is roomy and looks very comfortable and cosy. I like the double decker bus but does the one on top have to sleep all enclosed? I would always go for the low bunk – otherwise there would have to be a proper staircase for me to go up top. They are all quite fascinating and especially the ones that fold out from another piece of furniture. Another great job Russell!

  6. Very cool, but my practical mind is thinking… I wouldn’t like being the one who had to change the sheets every week… looks like a back breaker.

  7. Great selection. When I was a kid I used to love bunk beds!! And I guess I still secretly do.

  8. Love No.8 that waterwheel is fantastic and looks great in the room… I can imagine it in a cottage in Cornwall! No.2 is just awesome! A great one to have in a holiday home where you might have several families sharing so all the kids could go in together… imagine all the fun times and midnight snacks… then waking up to look out of those cool windows to an incredible view! Think I need a holiday! Great post! 😀

  9. Reblogged this on aim4wisdom and commented:
    After several nights of terrible sleep, I can’t seem to get my brain to clunk into place enough to write my own post today. So I am very grateful to my fellow blogger at “The World’s Top 10 of Anything and Everything” for posting this fun article.

    I am very much hoping that the images of comfy beds lure me into a good night’s sleep tonight. . . .

  10. Love the double bunk beds – it is beautiful. The water wheel one is fun to sleep in, too – I’ve actually stayed in one of those rooms with my son! My favorite of all has to be the sofa, however. Because not only is it a Transformer, its functional. Nice collection.

  11. My boys all love bunk beds, even the teenagers at 16 and 14. The youngest, 9, was here when I opened it and was most impressed by them. As expected, he loved the jeep, bus, and tractor plus the four set of bunks and the orange couch that opens to bunks. I quite like the kombi, but then we’ve just bought our first VW so am slightly hooked on them now. They are all fantastic except for #10.

  12. Love the couch convertible. I always wanted a bunk bed until I actually slept in one. Though it wasn’t nearly as cool as any of these.

  13. What I would love is for the folding bunk bed people to talk to the RV people. That idea is pure gold right there!

  14. I was married for 22 years and we never shared a cover in bed. I guess we were both cover hogs. My daughter refuses to share covers with her husband too so I guess it is a family trait.

  15. The double decker bus looks amazing. Even now i would love to have it in my room no matter how childish it is :L

  16. Reblogged this on Life Is Like A Box of Wine and commented:
    Love these bunk beds. If I had two kids, I’d totally do one of these.

  17. A pesky brother! *LOL* Shame you are like me and we never got to experience one. When my mates slept over they slept on the floor with the bugs and spiders.

  18. Exactly! They are enormous, and my son who was always falling out of his twin-sized bed, and regularly wakes up with his feet on his pillow, finally had enough space.

  19. My point exactly! Surely a little sawing, some nails and a paint job can’t be THAT hard? Okay, I did make him build a wendy house with a mezzanine level for our daughter. Talk about a labour of love…

  20. Wow, such awesome beds! My boys have double-sized bunks, but are not nearly as artistic as some of these. On the other hand, they are going to be tall!

  21. I am only 5’4″ so that would not be a problem for me. I like the cozy feeling of being enclosed. My husband was 6’4″ so I know what you mean about not fitting on a bed.

  22. I love the double bunk beds – stunning to look at. Also like the sofa, that’s a pretty cool idea. Great post as ever – thank you. 🙂

  23. Oh no…no kids thank you very much! Those will be beds that I would put in my little furry man’s room…hehehe

  24. I mostly liked the wheel bed.. very unusual use of the wheel:) Oh, Russel, maybe you can make next post about top 10 best use of the wheels?;)

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  26. It is so awesome. I cannot understand why my husband can’t make one over the weekend. After all, I made the policebox cake. It is quid pro quo.

  27. These are fantastic! My grandkids would love these and the header image would be great for an outside resting place or a beach house. My husband my ban me from reading your post :O)

  28. I would love to have #2. It looks so calming and peaceful not to mention my favorite color blue. I think I could sleep like a baby in that set up. Thanks for the great post.

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