Top 10 Nerdy and Unusual Bookcases

Top 10 Nerdy and Unusual Bookcases
Top 10 Nerdy and Unusual Bookcases

I am officially a digital book reader, but I feel slightly ashamed with myself as I love real books. The smell, the feel, there is nothing quite like a freshly printed hard back. But now I have moved into the digital book era I will be needing somewhere to stack my old books. So I think one of these will do rather nicely…


Top 10 Nerdy and Unusual Bookcases


Top 10 Nerdy and Unusual Bookcases
Read Your Book Case – Bookcase

10 – Reading Case

With a hidden message to motivate you into doing what it suggests this very creative bookcase reminds me that books are there to be read. Just because I have moved on to buying digital books doesn’t mean I shouldn’t real the older real ones as well.

Top 10 Nerdy and Unusual Bookcases
Robot Bookcase

9 – Transformers, bookcases in disguise

This might look like a robot from a 70’s sci-fi film but this is a bookcase with plenty of room for all those “Build your own robot” books. Not that I would own any of them. (Well maybe a few.)

Top 10 Nerdy and Unusual Bookcases
Pacman Ghost Bookcase

8 – The Power Pill

This is the perfect companion with what you will come to see was my number 1 choice. The reason these 8-bit bookcases do so well is because the block style of them makes it the perfect shape for books, but sadly it looks like this is a one off so we will have to make our own.

Top 10 Nerdy and Unusual Bookcases
Tetris Bookcase

7 – Blocking

With the videogame already having blocks it seems to make perfect sense to turn all that room in the puzzle blocks into book space!

Top 10 Nerdy and Unusual Bookcases
Tea-cups Bookcase

6 – Tea for 2.

Inspired by the mad hatters Tea Party is this very unusual and creative bookcase. With a simple 4 stack of tea cups it offers loads of room for books and the colours really do make it stand out. This in a reading or living room would look great, and make a good talking point.

Top 10 Nerdy and Unusual Bookcases
Hulk Bookcase

5 – Smashing Bookcase

It might have a more friendly face and style than the original Hulk, but it is still one of the best and nerdiest bookcases I have ever seen. This would be perfect if it was used to house comics rather than books, but it looks good either way.

Top 10 Nerdy and Unusual Bookcases
Star Wars AT-AT Imperial Bookcase

4 – Book Walker

It has to be said that there isn’t that much room for books on this Star Wars: At-AT bookcase, but it does look simply amazing so it can be forgiven. Sadly it is handmade meaning it will probably cost an arm and a leg, but for a kids room bookcase it would be perfect.

Top 10 Nerdy and Unusual Bookcases
TARDIS Bookcase

3 – Room for Who.

There just had to be something extra nerdy in this list and this TARDIS bookcase and cupboard all in one. There are several jokes about how it can hold millions of books inside or it, but I am far too grown up to mention them myself.

Top 10 Nerdy and Unusual Bookcases
Ladder Bookcase

2 – DIY Done

Some of the little giant ladders have 2 complete sections like these ones, so you don’t have to have 2 spare step ladders to pull this bookcase off. Not a bad idea at all if you have given up DIY for lent like I did a long time ago. but sadly I threw my old stepladders away so I would have to get new ones.

Top 10 Nerdy and Unusual Bookcases
Puckman Bookcase

1 – Wakka, wakka

As far as bookcases go, it doesn’t get any better for me personally than this retro video game style one featuring pacman. Well they call it Puckman to get around expensive copyright, but it still looks cool no matter what you call it. A few ghost bookcases as well would finish this off nicely.


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