Ten Amazing Ways to Reuse, Repurpose and Recycle Disk Spindles

Is it ‘old school’ nowadays to burn my own CD’s from my music collection? You see, whilst I do buy all my tracks from Google Music I still like to download it and burn it to a CD so I can play it in the car. I don’t have a posh car so all it has been a CD player in it. But now I seem to be getting quite a collection of empty plastic CD/DVD Spindles, so what I need is some ideas about what I can do with them, so I thought I would find out what I think is…



Empty Disk Spindles Turned into Cable Organizer
Empty Disk Spindles Turned into Cable Organizer

10 – Become Wireless!

Why not use the disk spindles natural shape and use them to store old wires from various PC’s and all other electrical items. Not a bad thing at all because placing wire curled up in the lid of a spindle with keep it tangle free and then locking the bottom bit will it hold it there for when you need them! This is a recycling master class.

Empty Disk Spindles Turned into Hamster Wheel

9 – Race Time!

Why not put a few holes in the top of it and turn it into a Hamster run wheel!? This is the work of pure genius and I think the hamster would find it fun as long as it was able to run perfectly forward and it was dust free. Just a shame I don’t have a hamster.

Empty Disk Spindles Turned into Propagator

8 – The Spindle Green House

This is a strange one for you, apparently, by turning an old CD spindle case into a mini propagator you can grow some succulents in just a few days! Keeping the lid on (with a few air holes) and only taking it off to water them now and again make for the perfect little desk greenhouse! Recycling and DIY office garden, not a bad idea at all.

Empty Disk Spindles Turned into Earring Stand

7 – Hang around!

While I don’t wear earrings myself I thought I would include this idea because it makes great use of the original shape of the spindle and by placing the lid back on to it would become a portable jewellry box as well! Great recycling and a fantastic idea.

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Empty Disk Spindles Turned into Shower Head

6 – Wet Wet Wet

Singing your CD’s in the shower is a right of passage! So why not use the spindle to make a DIY shower head. If your own shower ends it broken this just might be a great idea, but as there is no guide on how to do it, I suspect it is not as easy as it looks.

Empty Disk Spindles Turned into a Raspberry PI

5 – PC case?!?

While I do consider myself a nerd I am not clever enough to really understand what a  Raspberry PI is, but this idea of using an old CD case to house it is a great idea nonetheless, even if I don’t understand it.

Empty Disk Spindles Turned into an Afternoon Tea Keeper

4 – “Fancy a tea and some biscuits while I burn that CD off for you?!?”

If you like to have a cheeky biscuit or cookie with your high tea then why not turn those CD spindles into a decorative container that has the handy feature of locking when you don’t need them! This is a real showcase on how creative people can be.

Empty Disk Spindles Turned into a Bird Feeder

3 – Music to the ears of birds!

Now, this is what I call recycling, why not make great use of those old empty cd spindles by changing them into DIY bird feeders!

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Empty Disk Spindles Turned into a Night Light

2 – I have seen the light!

Now, this is a VERY impressive use of my empty DVD spindle. It will illuminate anything I want it to! I just love this idea as it could be made for a great handmade gift.

Empty Disk Spindles Turned into a Bagel Holder

1 – Keep the music fresh!

I still have sandwiches for lunch but after seeing this I think that bagels might well be the way to go because then I could keep them fresh in all my empty disk spindles! Not a bad idea at all and perfect provided my bagel fits in it.

Author: Gus Barge

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