The Top Ten Weirdest Slot Games

The Top Ten Weirdest Slot Games

Game developers supply slot machines to myriad land-based and online casino operators. These operators constantly demand new titles with themes that stand out from the crowd. Slots designers at times get quite creative when they create a new slot game, which leads to weird themes and bizarre art designs. Here are some of the weirdest slots players will find online.

1. Rudolph’s Revenge

Rudolph’s Revenge takes a traditional Christmas story and adds a twist. Most westerners are familiar with the song about Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. Because he had a bright shiny nose, Rudolph was ostracized by the other reindeer. His isolation continued until Santa Claus asked Rudolph to lead the sleigh one foggy Christmas Eve.

In Rudolph’s Revenge, the Red-Nosed Reindeer apparently felt like he was overworked by Santa Claus, so he decided to take revenge on Santa and his reindeer. Rudolph’s Revenge has been a hit for RealTime Gaming. It led to two other slot games: Santa Strikes Back and Rudolph Awakens.

Cyrus the Virus

2. Cyrus the Virus

Yggdrasil Gaming is known for excellent graphics and inventive online slot games. Several of Yggdrasil’s slots could make this list, such as Florageddon or Multifly. Cyrus the Virus stands out because it’s an online slot about a disease-spreading virus. Besides the weird theme, Cyrus the Virus plays like many of Yggdrasil’s slots. It pays both ways to double the potential wins and has expanding wilds with re-spins.

Who can say if Yggdrasil Gaming’s developers were inspired by Cyrus the Virus, the namesake villain of the 1997 action blockbuster “Con Air”. The reel symbols are colorful microbes, though several of the viruses are reminiscent of Lovecraftian monsters.

3. Zombie FC

With the popularity of Zombie movies, zombie TV shows, and zombie comic books, it’s no surprise that zombie games are popular with designers. Most slot providers have their own zombie slot game, but Qora Gaming added a twist to their version. Qora created Zombie FC, about an undead soccer team. The game doesn’t provide a lot of details, but one assumes that a zombie outbreak happened at a major soccer stadium. Now the star players are leading the zombie outbreak.

Reel icons include fans and players. One zombie holds a ticket, while a female zombie holds a team banner. One of the players has a captain’s badge on his arm. Meanwhile, reel symbols copy some of the famous European football jersey, such as Manchester United’s red jerseys and Argentina’s national team’s striped jerseys.

Machine Gun Unicorn

4. Machine Gun Unicorn

Mystic unicorns and magical horses are a staple of mythology and pop culture. Kids love unicorns, while My Little Pony has spawned toys, tv shows, and video games. One would expect to find unicorn-themed slots. Genesis Gaming went one better when it combined a mystic unicorn with gun culture.

Once again, zombies play a role. To protect Ponyland from zombies, the denizens fixed a machine gun on the forehead of a mystic unicorn. Now it blows away zombies with its mystic weapon. Machine Gun Unicorn won the “Games to Watch” award for 2015 and has been a fan favorite ever since.

5. EggOMatic

EggOmatic is a steampunk-themed slots game with robotic eggs as the main characters. With spreading wild symbols and a wacky theme, EggOMatic has been a smash hit for NetEnt. It’s quite possible that EggOMatic was inspired by the name of the popular TV show, Robot Chicken, since most of the characters look more like robot birds than robot eggs.

People can play EggOMatic at UK slot sites like Casumo and All British Casino as listed at

Invaders From Planet Moolah

6. Invaders From Planet Moolah

WMS turned a completely wild idea into a popular slot game. In Invaders From Planet Moolah, a herd of cows stole a fleet of flying saucers and have invaded Earth’s farms. Presumably, they want to free the Earth’s cows.

In the game, the alien cows hover over the reel in their UFO’s, firing their ray guns to signal winning spins. In fact, these lead to cascading reels.

7. KGB Bears

John F. Kennedy once described the Cold War as a “twilight struggle” between civilizations. It’s no surprise that several slots have drawn inspiration from the Cold War. Also, the bear is a national symbol of Russia, much like the eagle is a national symbol of America.

The Games Company combined these two ideas to create KGB Bears Slots. The game features anthropomorphized bears trying to pass as KGB agents.

Leprechaun Goes To Hell

8. Leprechaun Goes To Hell

Play’N Go is another online slot designer that takes chances with its themes and graphics. You can find no better example of Play’N Go’s style than Leprechaun Goes To Hell, a video slot about an Irish fairy who takes a trip to the underworld.

The two main characters are the Leprechaun and the she-devil, Evilene. The two characters are dueling wild symbols. With up to 50 free spins and a 10x multiplier, anyone who likes magic and pandemonium is probably going to like Leprechaun Goes To Hell.

9. Demon’s Delight

If you like Leprechaun Goes To Hell, then you’ll love Demon’s Delight from Rival Gaming. In this case, the characters going to Hell look like Mickey Mouse and friends. The hero is Chip Chaplin, who visits a fiendish saloon and ends up trying to steal Lucifer’s Gold.

Imagine the movie Fantasia if the Disney Company was obsessed with the afterlife. That’s what Demon’s Delight looks like.

10. Village People Party

No slots list would be complete without a licensed slot. Village People Party is the pick here. It’s a game where the reel symbols are members of the 70s disco group, The Village People. The bonus game asks the player to pick a macho man, whereupon the song “Macho Man” begins to play.

The Village People dance as the bonus game continues, though at times a gray alien dressed in a Village People cop uniform shows up to talk to the player.

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