Ten Different Ways to Defog Your Car in the Mornings

For many of us reading this, it is that time of the year when many of our cars and other vehicles are either covered in frost or the windshield is fogging up all the time due to the cold, humid weather. We have already seen ten ways to defrost your car in the morning, so now we will be looking at ten different ways to defog your car in the morning. While some of the ways will seem the same there is a big difference between defrosting and defogging your car as we will soon see…


Turn your heater on

1 – Turn your heater on

For most of us, this is the easiest and faster way of defogging the car and the good news is it never takes that long in a modern car anyway, but it is still a hassle that can take a few valuable minutes in the morning that you might otherwise not have, so there are other ways, some of which are considerably faster…

Old Rag or Towel

2 – Old Rag or Towel

If the AC alone in your car doesn’t do it quick enough you can always use an old towel or an old rag to quickly wipe the condensation away. This method in combination with the AC will get that window cleared in double-time and have you on the road to work a lot quicker.

Open the Window

3 – Open the Window

Many cars these days have an automatic window opener on the keyfob so a short while before jumping into the car for work why not open the windows just a crack. This will let colder air in making the car feel freezing, but that cold air will also deal with the condensation. While this isn’t the fastest method of clearing your windscreen it might be one you can do without having to go to the car.

Cat Litter

4 – Cat Litter

One great way to prevent your windows from fogging up in the first place is to fill an old pair of tights or socks with clean cat litter and place then on the dash just under the window. This will help draw out moisture from the air and if you get the right brand of it, the car will also smell nice!

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Use an Anti-fogging Spray

5 – Use an Anti-fogging Spray

I have to say I didn’t know there was such a thing as an anti-fogging spray, but if you apply some just after cleaning the interior of the windscreen it should prevent the window from defogging for a good few weeks which sounds like the best idea I have found so far. They always say prevention is the key to avoiding problems!

Keep Your Car Dry

6 – Keep Your Car Dry

All that moisture on the window didn’t crawl in through the car vents, it was always in the car in the first place! So do try to keep your car as dry as possible. Things like wet dog-towels, umbrellas or even wet shoes can cause your windows to fog up, so take them in the night before and place some kitchen roll into the footwell of the car. This works especially well with newer cars, but not so much on older cars as they will often have gaps in the rubber seals of the door and windows.

Use an Interior Dehumidifier

7 – Use an Interior Dehumidifier

You can buy interior dehumidifiers for pennies these days and I have even seen packs of 4 in a pound shop! All you have to do is stick one in the window and its job done. You will have to throw it away once the crystals have stopped working, but when they cost next to nothing its not so much a problem.

Use a Portable Car Heater

8 – Use a Portable Car Heater

You might think something that can automatically clear your windscreen from frost or condensation would cost a bomb, but that is not true at all. In fact, you can get an app-controlled portable car heater for less than the price of a video game these days!

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Shaving Foam

9 – Shaving Foam

Don’t worry, you don’t have to give the car a shave, all you have to do is apply the shaving foam the night before and let it stay on the windscreen for a few minutes before whipping it off. This forms a protective layer and is perfect to use if you don’t happen to have any anti-fogging spray.

Keep Your Windows Clean

10 – Keep Your Windows Clean

One of the biggest reasons all that condensation sticks to the windscreen in the first place is because it is sticking to tiny dirt particles. If the windows are kept clean, it will reduce fog build up most of the time. While this is not always possible a good go over with a window cleaning spray once a month should do the trick.

Do you have any other tips for preventing your car from fogging up in the morning? If you do why not let others know in the comments below.

Author: Gus Barge

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