Ten of The Very Best Casino Games to Play Online

Casinos offer not only the most entertaining games to play but also the most lucrative ones for players. Most players will want to play for fun; therefore, they look for games they fancy the most. However, if you are looking for games that give you more chances to win more money, you will need to look for games that might give you an edge. The question is: what are the best casino games to play?

Ten of The Very Best Casino Games to Play Online

Many casino guides like https://smartcasinoguide.com/ will give you hints on what games you can play at particular casinos. You need to know which games are the best ones for you. Some of your favourite games might give the pleasure and thrill you sought after. However, some games might give you real chances to make a profit. After all, people who go to a casino are looking to convert their luck into profits. Therefore, the best casino games are the ones that have good odds for players.

It is necessary to note that there are no casino games that offer good odds for players. The “house always wins” phrase exists for a reason. Every design of casino games works in favour of the house. However, some games might lean a little closer towards players than others. By identifying which games have the better odds, you can plan to spend your money with more wisdom.  

Experts explain that table games have better odds than other types of games, like slots and wheel of fortunes. That notion alone must be something all players looking for profits through casino games should remember. Players might project an intimidating image of veteran casino players taking all the money on the table, like James Bond in Casino Royale. Therefore, some intimidated players shift to games like slots, which look easier to play. Meanwhile, slot machines have quite possibly the worst odds.

You may start your casino adventure by playing slots. However, you need to remember that slots are meant for pastimes and warming-up exercises. After that, you have to move to the table and start playing or, at least, observing the games.

Here are some best casino games you need to play if you crave for decent odds to win them… 

Video Poker

Otherwise known as ‘pokies’ this form of video poker has been around for a while, but with the advent of online casinos, it is pretty much the goto slot game for poker fans. While it is worth noting that it doesn’t have the same odds as the table version of the game it doesn’t make it any less exciting to play.


Blackjack might be a simple card game, however, you need an element of skill to win it. The odds to win it are quite manageable. The average odds of Blackjack sit around 49% overall, with a house edge of around 1% in most casinos. 

It is often considered as one of the easiest games to play, even by newcomers. There is even an extra note to ease your concern. You will only play against a dealer whose odds are just the same as yourself. You will not be playing against other players, let alone a veteran card-game champion.

This game is always about players against the dealer. There may be other players on the table; however, they will also play to beat the dealer. The rule is simple: you only need to get your hand as close as possible to 21 without going bust or going over the limit.

To win in Blackjack, you only need to hone your luck more than anything else. It only takes a small amount of skill, without any major fuss or any sophisticated formula. The only skill you need is the capability to know when to stop before you bust yourself out. The dealer’s chance of winning depends on luck as well. It’s safe to say that the odds of winning are even.



More and more casino sites are offering national lotteries and some even offer worldwide lotteries and lotto games with gigantic jackpots. Sure, the odds of winning are truly astronomical, but that doesn’t stop it from being a fun little bet if you have some spare.


On the paper, craps sound like some intimidating games. Yet, it is one of the simplest, fastest, and most thrilling table games you can find. This particular table game uses dikes to play. All you have to do is either roll the dice or bet on the dice roll. Craps have similar odds to Blackjack where your odds are approximately 50%. However, when you make higher bets, your payouts rise in the expense of your odds getting lowered 

Craps is the ultimate game of chance. It demands no skill or specific strategy to play. You only need to correctly predict the result of the two dice. Players put a wager on the dice combination that they believe will come out after each roll of the dice.

Every player will get a turn to be the “shooter.” A shooter is the one layer who gets the chance to roll the dice. Other players will place a bet on the outcome before the shooter rolls the dice.

Here are some of the trickiest bits of Craps. The first throw is called a “come-out roll.” Other players can choose to bet with the shooter by making a “Pass Line” or against the shooter by making a “Don’t Pass Line” bet. Players making a Pass Line will win when the shooter makes a come-out on a seven or an eleven. If the shooter unravels a two, a three, or a twelve, they will lose. On the other hand, players making a “Don’t Pass Line” bet will win in the former situation.

If the shooter hits other numbers than mentioned above (including 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, and 10), nobody wins nor loses. Instead, the unravelled number becomes the shooter’s “point.” The shooter will continue to roll the dice until he manages to find a seven or hit the shooter’s point. If seven comes out before the point, players who bet with the shooter (a.k.a. Make a Pass Line) will lose. 

The shooter keeps rolling the dice until he finds a seven. After that, the dice are handed to the next player and another player will take the mantle of the “shooter.”



It is quite rare to see this game in online casinos these days, but some do still have it even if it is in video game form. While it is more common amounts Asian casinos it was first introduced into France from Italy at the end of the 15th century by soldiers returning from the Franco-Italian War during the reign of Charles VIII.


The Roulette wheel is fairly simple and pays well. There are various types of Roulette, with different levels of difficulty as well. Yet, we will focus on the most common types, where you can hone your odds to win.

This so-called wheel has 37 or 38 numbers on it depending on what type of Roulette your play. Numbers 1 – 36 are either coloured red or black. In European roulette, the number 0 is in green; meanwhile, in American roulette, you can find 0 and 00 — all in green, opposing each other. 

The gameplay is also pretty simple. A dealer called the croupier will spin the wheel with a ball on it. The ball will fall on one of the numbers when the spinning stops. 

There are various ways to place your bets on Roulette. Players can either bet on the colours or the numbers. When betting on the colours, you choose which colour the ball will eventually land. Your odds in betting on the colours are very close to 50% since there are two colours and one or two greens among them. Normally, when you choose red tiles and the ball lands on a red, you will double your bet.

When betting on the numbers, you will lower your odds based on the types of betting you make. You can bet on a specific number, various groupings of numbers, whether the number is odd or even, or if the numbers are high (19–36) or low (1–18) based on the house rules. The highest payout comes when you bet on a single number. It pays out 36 to 1, but your odds will get limited to only 1 to 37 or 38.

Pai Gow Poker

The number of online casinos that still have this playing card version of Chinese dominoes is surprising and even if there isn’t live games there are often digital games to be enjoyed with some even having community chatboxes next to the game for some social interacting with other players who also enjoy this unusual form of poker.


Poker can be another best casino game where your odds to win may become high at some points. However, you need to take note that poker might not be suitable for newcomers or casual players looking for quick winning. The odds are excessively variable in this game.

You have more control in poker to decide your victory. Luck may play a role in determining your odds as you receive random cards at the beginning of the game. However, your skill to play with the set of cards you receive might also shift your odds to win the game. 

You may also consider that you play against other players in casinos. Your opponents might be professional poker players or ferocious poker sharks. Therefore, you need to make sure that you have all the necessary skills to win the game like a pro. 

Online Scratch Tickets

I personally like this kind of game as you can win big amounts in an instant. Simply click on the cards you want and away you go. There are some from brand names and some that are just for fun, but they are all simple to play with the possibility to win a big jackpot that can be in the millions!



Sure, most slot games don’t offer the best of odds, but there are a few that have a much higher payout rate than others and that could mean more wins, more often. Of course, each spin still has those same odds of winning, but the higher the payout the better chance you have of seeing at least some big wins.

The Final Takeout

These games are the best casino games to play if you are looking for better odds to win. Blackjack, craps, and roulette might get you almost a 50% chance of winning. Meanwhile, it takes luck and advanced skills to win in poker in which the odds shift wildly.

Remember the credo: table games have better odds. They might not be as simple as slots or wheels of fortune. Yet, those table games’ odds outdo those games of fortune by miles.

Another thing to remember is the phrase “the house always wins.” You may have a 50/50 chance of winning, but, keep in mind that the casino has the same chances or slightly better odds than you do. Therefore, you have to always keep your standards of expectation and manage your bankroll efficiently.

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