Ten of the Worlds Most Luxury Pet Houses Any Pampered Pet Will Love

Like most people reading this (well I would like to think so anyway) I love my pet. He is a loyal dog if not always the most obedient of creatures. So I got wondering what I would buy my pet if money was no object!? Well just maybe it would be one of these amazing pet houses…



Top 10 Amazing Luxury Pet Houses
Luxury Chicken House

10 – Chickens

I always like to make sure my eggs really are free range,  but in all my years shopping for eggs I have never seen a box of pampered ones.  With a white picket fence, 2 floors and all protected with wire fencing this is one ultra-safe chicken coop.

Top 10 Amazing Luxury Pet Houses
Luxury Tropical Fish Tank

9 – Fish

There are lots to choose from when it comes to fish tanks and aquariums as seen in my post “Top 10 Unusual Aquariums Inside furniture”, but I felt this multi-dome version was the best of them for a normal sized home.

Top 10 Amazing Luxury Pet Houses
Luxury Hamster House

8 – Hamsters

Most hamsters are always trying to escape their cage style houses, so why not give them something worth staying in! That is where is hamster build comes into it with 2ft deep sawdust for them to dig into its the best way to see them act as natural as possible, without them being wild.

Top 10 Amazing Luxury Pet Houses
Luxury Horse House

7 – Horses

Located on 15 square miles of green land is this amazing horse range, and it is home to some of the worlds top racing horses. It also features 2 indoor stadiums for the horse to run around in all weather.

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Top 10 Amazing Luxury Pet Houses
Luxury Turtle Houses

6 – Turtles

This is the ultimate turtle garden where even the turtles houses are aligned with Feng Shui, the theory is if the turtles are happy, the human house and garden owner will be happy as well. Certainly, a win, win for the turtles.

Top 10 Amazing Luxury Pet Houses
Luxury Goat Houses

5 – Goats

This is not something from the Harry Potter movies, these goat towers built in the 19th century, and the bigger the tower, the bigger the wealth. We had castles to live in, the goats had these towers!

Top 10 Amazing Luxury Pet Houses
Luxury Bird Cage

4 – Birds

It costs more than a luxury family sized car, and was made in the 19th century. Yep! This Victorian birdcage ticks all the posh boxes and then some, and it has to be said that it is a very odd work of art!

Top 10 Amazing Luxury Pet Houses
Luxury Rabbit House

3 – Rabbits

Not many rabbits have a 2 floor home, with a security camera, led lights, heater and handcrafted wood and metal work throughout, but when you are the rabbit owned by electrician Jason Batterbee, that is exactly what you get.

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Top 10 Amazing Luxury Pet Houses
Luxury Cat House

2 – Cats

There is not many cats out there with as much money as “Morris” here with his Spanish Villa, but if they did you just know cats would want to live in extreme luxury all the time, in fact many of them think they do already!

Top 10 Amazing Luxury Pet Houses
Luxury Dog House

1 – Dogs

I thought it might have been cats, but no! It was dogs who have the biggest range of luxury houses. But it was this aquarium one that blew me away, good job it wasn’t a cat house, because it would have drove them mad!

Author: Gus Barge

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