Ten Crazy and Unusual Swimming Pools

Imagine diving into a pool suspended high above a bustling city or swimming alongside vibrant marine life without stepping foot in the ocean. Swimming pools have come a long way from simple rectangles filled with water. Today, they’re architectural marvels and creative expressions, offering unique and thrilling experiences for swimmers. In this article, we’ll take you on a journey to explore ten of the most crazy and unusual swimming pools from around the world. Whether you’re an adventurous swimmer or just love marvelling at extraordinary designs, these pools will leave you in awe and maybe even inspire your next travel destination. So, grab your swimsuit and let’s dive into the most bizarre and breathtaking swimming pools you’ve ever seen!

Roof Top Pool

10 – Roof Top Pool

A living room with a glass bottom pool. A multilevel speculative penthouse design. Look carefully at the big glass pod because it is not the pool! If you look at the top of the picture you can see the rooftop pool that hangs over the living room.

Pool with a view

9 – Pool with a view

This pool is not a big pool, but it has an amazing view when you are in the pool. Perched high up on the mountain, the house is built on three levels. You get the illusion that you are sitting in a pool with no wall.

Drinks and Splashes Swimming Pool

8 – Drinks and Splashes

Hotel Joule In Dallas. Part of the pool juts out from the building with only a thick pane of glass between swimmers and the city ten floors below. Now, this is why you want to take a business trip.

Just a small garden pool

7 – Just a small garden pool

Not only does this pool blend in with the rest of the house, you get the illusion that you are surrounded by water. Don’t you just want to jump from the roof into the very inviting water? This also illustrates how strong glass is.

24th Storey Glass Bottom Swimming Pool

6 – Drop and Dive

The unique 30 metres long swimming baths, in the Holiday Inn hotel, Shanghai Pudong Kangqiao. This gives new meaning to the word, using maximum space. Not only do you have a pool but below you have a great view that softens any concrete building making it stand out. I have been very privileged to have stayed in a hotel with a glass bottom pool situated on the top floor. When I swam I was actually petrified the glass bottom would crack to just fall out.

Shaw House Swimming Pool

5 – 2nd-floor pool

This pool is one of my favourites. It combines the simple lines of architecture, with the calming effect that water has. Plus gives a new meaning to the phrase “making an entrance”. I also have used two pictures of this pool so you can understand the whole design effect.

Clear Swimming Pool

4 – Clear Swimming

OFTB (Out of the blue) is a team of landscape architects and in-house pool builders based in Melbourne, Australia where this pool is located. You get the illusion that the stairs are part of the pool. Brilliant design, and you must have faith that the glass will not crack or move if you have an earth tremor.

Peace and Quiet Swimming Pool

3 – Peace and Quiet

Located in Hampstead Village, London, United Kingdom, the pool is nestled in the heart of the 6,500 square foot house, completely surrounded by glass. The house along with the pool was designed by architects Paxton Locher. Other notable mentions of this incredible household include five bedrooms, a gym, media room, and even a party room. Great house for parties.

The Perfect Garden Pool

2 – The Perfect Garden Pool

This pool was the winner of the 2010 design award ‘Best Residential Pool and Spa Combination’ and you can easily see why. It is once again made by Out from the Blue Pty Ltd and located in a luxury home in Western Australia.

Glass Balcony Pools

1 – Multi-Level Pools

The ISM Parinee Ohm Tower, a proposed 30 story luxury condominium tower in Mumbai, India includes convenient glass-walled balcony pools. The tower was designed by Hong Kong-based James Law Cybertecture.

As we’ve seen, swimming pools can be much more than just places to cool off. They can be extraordinary feats of engineering, awe-inspiring works of art, and gateways to unforgettable experiences. From sky-high infinity pools to underwater wonders, these ten crazy and unusual swimming pools prove that creativity knows no bounds when it comes to design and adventure.

Have any of these incredible pools made it to your bucket list? Do you know of any other mind-blowing pools that we missed? Share your thoughts and experiences in the comments below! And if you enjoyed this dive into the world of extraordinary swimming pools, don’t forget to share this article with your friends and followers. Who knows, maybe your next vacation will include a dip in one of these spectacular pools! Stay tuned for more exciting content and travel inspiration.

Author: Gus Barge

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