Top 10 Weird and Wonderful Egg Shaped Buildings

You can’t go anywhere near a supermarket at Easter time without seeing chocolate eggs everywhere. But if you look around a bit, you will see eggs everywhere! Much like these ten eggcellent buildings…

Shjworks Fire Shelter, Denmark
Shjworks Fire Shelter, Denmark

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The structure stands nearly five metres tall and has a hole in the top to let in light and let out smoke, plus two openings at the bottom for access.

Yanqi Lake Kempinski, Beijing

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Set to open this winter, the hotel was designed by Chief Designer Zhang Hai Ao and his team from Shanghai Huadu Architect Design Company. With his team of 60 global designers and over 9,300 construction workers, he developed the oval-shaped structure over a 60-day period.

The Dai Haifei ‘Egg House’, China

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The Dai Haifei ‘Egg House’ is an eco-conscious structure sitting at 6 feet high. This puny living space is the product of architecture student Dai Haifei’s struggle (and fail) to find a rental price in Beijing, China that suits him.

Sergey Tkachenko, Russia

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The red egg-shaped house by architect Sergey Tkacheneko is located in Moscow. It is one part of a larger residential structure. His egg design was deliberated for years before construction and was sold for a very impressive £6 million.

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Blob VB3, UK

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The mobile living space, blob VB3, has a bathroom, kitchen, storage niches, and even a nook for sleeping. The nose opens and can function as a porch. It took 18 months to build, is made primarily of polyester, and is easily transportable.

The Exbury Egg, UK

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The Exbury Egg is an ovoid houseboat built as an experiment in off-grid, low impact living. Created by SPUD in collaboration with Perring Architecture + Design, boat builder Paul Baker, naval architect Stephen Payne, and artist Stephen Turner.

Güiro Art Bar, Miami

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All Easter Eggs contain treats, with some tastier than others. The artistic duo Los Carptineros installed a bar inside Güiro, a gridded ovoid structure built for the Art Basel at Miami Beach.

James Law Cybertecture, Hong Kong

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James Law Cybertecture’s future-forward oval designs are nothing short of fantastical. Crafted like a beautiful glass Fabergé egg, this conceptual building is said to combine “iconic architecture, environmental design, intelligent systems, and new engineering to create an awe-inspiring landmark in the city.”

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Artnia, Japan

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Looking for a super-posh (and very eggspensive) designer T-shirt? This place has them in small sizes only and no touching the good or trying them on before you buy.

The Pysanka Museum, Ukraine

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The Pysanka Museum in the Ukraine houses a collection of 10,000 Ukrainian Easter Eggs. So I guess that does eggsplain the Easter egg theme.

Author: Gus Barge

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