Ten of the Worlds Strangest, Rarest and Most Unusual Strawberries

It is time for all those on a diet or watching those calories to breathe a sigh of relief. Because for the next few posts we will be taking a look at some rather healthy and chocolate free varieties and breeds of fruit. So I thought today I would start with my favourite fruit, which is the common Strawberry…


Top 10 Strange, Rare and Unusual Strawberries
Yangmei fruit

10 – Yangmei fruit

It might well be a sort of Lychee, but this is the fruit from the Chinese strawberry tree. Apparently, it tastes identical to strawberries hence its name, but it is sadly not. But that doesn’t stop people from calling it a Strawberry and in the past, it was classed as one as well. Until a more detailed analysis of the trees makeup could be done.

Giant Strawberries
Giant Strawberries

9 – Giants

There is nothing unusual about the breed of this Strawberry, it is a common Australian variety, But with all the wet weather we had last year what it means is that water fruits like Strawberries can grow to rather gigantic sizes like this one that was found on SSS Strawberries farm, and it turns out they have found some of Australias biggest!

Top 10 Strange, Rare and Unusual Strawberries
Strawberry Husk Tomato

8 – Husk Tomatoes

What you are looking at might officially be a tomato, but they are also known as Strawberry Husk Tomatoes because of their taste and growth style! But they are worth including in this list because apparently, they get their name because they really do taste like Strawberries!

Top 10 Strange, Rare and Unusual Strawberries
Light Blue Strawberries

7 – Light Blue

These light blue ones apparently taste just like normal strawberries but have an almost metallic shine to them as well. Maybe it is just the light on the strawberries, but they look amazing! If you fancy growing your own you can get the seeds from the site in the image link.

Top 10 Strange, Rare and Unusual Strawberries
Purple Strawberries

6 – Purple

With an odd plum style of taste, these purple strawberries are beautiful on the eye as well as the tongue. I know you know think I am just making these up, but do check out the wiki page for strawberries that has all the information you will need on all of these strange and unusual strawberries.

Top 10 Strange, Rare and Unusual Strawberries
White Strawberries

5 – White

Having had the chance to try these the other day I can officially tell you that these are just as confusing on the eye as they are on the taste buds. With a strange pineapple style taste, you can see why people have taken up calling these Pineberries.

Top 10 Strange, Rare and Unusual Strawberries
Green Strawberries

4 – Green

There will be some that call foul and say that this is nothing more than an unripe red strawberry. But you would be wrong and in fact, this pickle tasting fruit is a breed of strawberry in its own right and definitely one of the strangest tasting ones you could ever try.

Top 10 Strange, Rare and Unusual Strawberries
Yellow Strawberries

3 – Yellow

This is one of those rare breeds of strawberry that actually has a unique shape about it as well as its rather unusual colour. These strawberries tend to grow in longer pear style shapes rather than the simple raindrop shape making them that extra bit special.

Top 10 Strange, Rare and Unusual Strawberries
Black Strawberries

2 – Black

People often confuse blackberries wit black strawberries because apart from the size they are often identical in shape. But I can promise you a black strawberry is a black tasting strawberry, not a blackberry that does grow quite commonly here in the UK.

Top 10 Strange, Rare and Unusual Strawberries
Blue Strawberries

1 – Blue

Before all the “Photoshopped” calls come out let me confirm that this is indeed a real fruit, but will never be classed as one. Why? Because it has been genetically modified to be blue and the fruit list purists insist that has to have grown and evolved naturally in order to be classed as an official fruit. But you can still buy them and grow them yourself at home, and that to me makes it as real as I need it to be.

Author: Gus Barge

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